Spa Services On Location In Los Cabos

We Create a unique spa décor environment


There are many healthy benefits of frequent massage, it is particularly good for promoting circulation, enhancing the flow of nutrients to body cells, sweeping away any waste, keeping tissue pliable as we age, preventing tensions from building chronic patters and last but certainly not least, it helps to combat stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, lack of concentration and muscle ache. It is through the healing benefits of touch that we bring the feeling of well being to mind and body. See menu »


We now recognize that proper maintenance of the skin through a variety of facials will provide the skin with better endurance. So whatever are your skin’s problems we have designed a facial to help. We will nourish, protect, deep cleanse, heal, revitalize and help sensitive skin. The proper facial treatment will fight the loss of elasticity diminishing wrinkles, rejuvenating and helping with the anti-aging process. See menu »

Manicures and Pedicures

Spa Manicure and Pedicure Treatments are wonderful for putting life back into tired hands and feet. It softens calluses, stimulates circulation and revitalizes neglected skin. Your hands and feet will feel perfectly balances and look more youthful. See menu »

Spa Packages

Our spa packages have been designed to allow your body to escape from your everyday routine, to relax and distress.See menu »

Spa pool Party

Graduation, bachelorette, birthday or maybe just for the fun of it!Think outside the box and celebrate your next special occasionbig time with a SPA POOL PARTY in the magical Cabo! Enjoy of appetizers, relaxation music and spa services with fun decor among friends or family. We will customize your experience with your budget in order to plan the best afternoon you could have ever imagined. Call us today and rock your bikini in the best Spa Pool Party in Cabo Paradise. See menu »

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