If you have been to Cabo  before, you know there is something about the fun and entertainment you can find in this beautiful place, a paradise like no other. #LosCabos  is well known for its beauty and perfection when it comes to looking for the best vacation experience, it is all about the beach, the pool but also the exclusive and private places where you can share all this fun with the ones you love the most.

There are a lot of activities you can find interesting once you are here, but the special one we want to share with you today is #Poolparties ! We all have been to one, or at least know what a pool party is (if you haven’t been to one, this might be the perfect chance to live the experience) if not… keep reading, you are going to like what we have for you.

A pool party isn’t anything more than a gathering of people around a pool. By reading the simple definition is already interesting, the fact of being at a pool, with #friends , may be some drinks and food makes it #irresistible for anyone. Everything points to a good time, but we are not talking about a regular pool party, we want to introduce to you the #Spapoolparty by Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care. What are we talking about, you might be asking yourself, well… we can say it is an amazing way to celebrate anything you want, but let us elaborate.

So you might be having a birthday coming, maybe a graduation or looking forward to that last scapade before saying I do… It doesn’t matter what the #celebration is all we want is you to rock your bikini in the most #amazing  trip you will remember, let us tell you why.

Have you ever been at a spa? If you have, you might know it is an #experience  to forget about everything and just #relax  and enjoy. Now, this idea of relaxation and enjoyment plus all the fun of a pool party, it starts getting interesting right? When you are at our spa pool party, you #customize  your day, choosing the massage you feel like needing the most, foot massage, neck and shoulder, back massage, maybe a mani and pedi… or all of the above! Our team will be ready to treat you like you deserve to have the best vacation/celebration ever.

What is a spa pool party without the #decor  to feel in the mood of it? Either you like something tropical or a floral design, something minimalist or full of balloons… you name it and we’ll make it happen. Also, any pool party must have something delicious included, from #appetizers and fruit snacks to deal with the hot temperatures to tacos for that big appetite we all have and #enjoy once in a while. Feel free to choose what you like customizing your menu and having only things that you and your friends really like, making the experience an #unforgettable  one.

Now that everything is starting to get in place… that’s exactly what we need, a place! When it comes to where to do the spa pool party we have plenty of options for you and your friends to feel free and have the best time ever. We are talking about the #privacy  and #intimacy  of Cabo Villas which is incomparable to any other venue you might find in Cabo. Renting a #villa  is your best option when you are looking for comfort, privacy and all the commodities you might need during your pool party.

So now you know, if you are looking for a healthy afternoon full of #fun , drinks, snacks,  personalized as much as you need it to be, we are your best option. Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care Spa Pool Parties are the #bestway  to go for you to enjoy and celebrate that special occasion with your girlfriends, sharing massages, exfoliation treatments and all the fun a pool party can be with inflatables and little color umbrellas in your drinks, just say so and we will make it happen for you to have the best afternoon ever. An experience you will not forget!

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