Select from the following services:

A Cleansing Facial or a Fruit Spa Manicure / Pedicure or 70 minutes medium Massage with aromatherapy oil or a Full Body Fruit Scrub.


 2 services  $200       3 services  $310     4 services  $395

Designed for children under 12 years old, 30 minutes Massage with a full Manicure / Pedicure and Facial Mask. $150


A mix of Santé massage with long, light movements (effleurage), combined with a hot water pillow to prepare your lower back to receive a pressure point massage on both sides of the spine’s surrounding muscles, creating better circulation and reducing inflammation to leave your body in perfect harmony. Finishing with a cup of organic green tea.

60 min  $175 / 90 min $220

Enjoy 15 min of scalp, face, and shoulder massage performed in the warmth of your Jacuzzi, followed by a 60 min. Therapeutic pressure point massage.

To complete your experience, enjoy a cup of organic mint green tea.

75 min $175  /  90 min $220

Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care

The Little Extras

These extra services could be added to any facial or massage treatments.

Scalp Massage $40

The perfect little extra massage to create a calming effect and remove tensions (15 minutes).

Foot Reflexology Massage $40

Massage that uses pressure points on legs and feet to release

tension, inducing a state of peace and tranquility (15 minutes).


Minimum services, prices, and method of payments:
For appointments in the Cabo San Lucas area, a minimum of $400 USD worth of spa services is required.
For appointments in the Corridor area, Palmilla, or San Jose del Cabo a minimum of $400 USD worth of spa services is required.
Our Spa Pool Parties require a minimum of 10 people getting Spa services.
Special rates or promotions cannot be combined with any other discount.
All of our prices and service times are quoted for 1 person only. Massage time cannot be split with another person.
All our prices are in US dollars. 18% gratuities and 16% taxes will be added.
Kindly consider your spa appointment has a 30 minute set-up time before the starting time of the services.

Credit card payments: We accept Visa and Mastercard. AMEX is not accepted.

Travelling Fee

  • A minimum of 4 services is required. If the location is in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo.
  • We require a minimum of 10 services to come to your location; if it is in La Laguna, Puerto Los Cabos $60 USD will apply. If you are staying in the East Cape area, a traveling fee of $75 USD will apply. If the location is Cerritos, Rancho Pescadero or Todos Santos, a traveling fee of $100 USD will apply.
  • *For locations around east cape, some areas will be restricted, please let us know the exact location to confirm we can provide the services requested.

Cancellation Policies:
For all groups (6 or more) we require 48 hrs. cancellation notice, to the exception of Holiday Season, when we require a 7-day cancellation notice.

Special cases of cancellation notice:
Reservations made from one day to the next: If a reservation has been made less than 24 hours from the appointment starting time (from one day to the next), no cancellations will be allowed after 6:00 PM on the day that appointment has been made. Cancellations will only be allowed by calling our office before 6 PM MST closing time. If we have not received the phone call, the appointment will be charged in full.

Reservations made for the same day. If a reservation has been made for the same day of inquiry, a 4-hour cancellation notice will be required.

Cancelation policy due to Covid- 19: Any deposit charged for spa services is non-refundable but applicable to be used within the next 6 months.

Extra Charges:
When an appointment requires a Set-Up time before 8:00 AM or after 7:00 PM, the appointment will incur a 30% extra charge on the net prices, before tax and service charge or gratuities.

If more than 4 therapists are needed for one appointment, this means we need additional transportation. Therefore, an extra fee of $100 will be added to your final bill.