There are many healthy benefits of frequent massages.

  • Massages are particularly good to promote better circulation.
  • To keep tissues pliable and keep you more flexible.
  • Made to relax you and combat stress.
  • Bring a feeling off well-being to the mind.
  • Can be considered good preventive medicine.

In order for you to enjoy the most unforgettable massage in Cabo, you may choose between the following techniques and pressures:

Best Massage in Cabo San Lucas

  • Relaxed or Swedish massage: This massage uses gentle pressure and a variety of long-flowing strokes.
  • Medium:  It is the perfect balance between the relaxed and deep pressure massages. It has a combination of long-flowing strokes, pressure points and gentle pressure in the different zones of your body.
  • Deep to extra deep pressure:  This massage technique uses firm pressure to go deep into the muscle tissue releasing deep long-standing muscle tensions. This is not recommended for a first time massage or for sensitive people.
  • Sport:  It combines deep pressure massage and stretching technique movements.
  • Bio Energy:  Treatment using 3 to 4 Aromatherapy in different areas of the body to create perfect harmony & balance of the mind and body.
  • Lavender:  This massage has a personality of his own using a warm water pillow to focus specifically on the lower and upper back, with lavender oil that is well known for is therapeutic proprieties will turn your stress into a relaxing and wonderful experience.
  • Stone:  This massage uses smooth, dark, heated stones to relieve stiffness and restore energy. You will enter a deeper dimension of relaxation, health and well-being. Note: This massage is combined with aromatherapy oil.
  • Reflexology: An ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-points. This massage is usually performed on your feet, but it can also be performed on your hands and ears. This massage restores the flow of energy throughout the entire body.
  • Santé: This massage uses a combination of different circular and long stroke techniques that will help promote better circulation enhancing the flow of nutrients, sweeping away body waste and making you feel uplifted and reenergized.
  • Four Hands: This massage is provides with 2 therapist at the same time.
  • Pregnancy Massage: We have the perfect solution for you aching back, swollen feet and sore muscles. The pregnancy massage are designed to relive those aches and pains. Note: Need to be 12 weeks or more.

Our Signature Romantic Couples Massage

Engage in a massage therapy session side by side, with 2 therapists at the same time in the same room, dim lighting, spa music, multiple candles to accentuate the ambience.

The rhythm of your massage can be gentle or firm depending on your preference, using warm aromatherapy oil of choice, aiming to release all stress and tension.

Enjoy the opportunity to relax and undergo this wonderful experience together.

Best Massage in Cabo San Lucas


Minimum services, prices and method of payments:

A minimum of 2 services is required for us to come to your location.

All our prices are in US dollars, 18% gratuities and the 16% taxes will be added.

No special rates or promotions cannot be combined with any other discount.

Credit card payments Visa and MasterCard accepted. AMEX is not accepted.  

Cancellation Policies:

For all appointments, we require a 48 hrs. cancellation notice, at Holiday Season, we required a 7- Day Cancellation Notice.

Special cases of cancellation notice: 

  • Reservations made from one day to another: If a reservation has been made less than 24 hours from the appointment starting time (From one day to the other), no cancellations will be allowed after 6:00 PM on the day that appointment has been made.
  • Reservations made for the same day. If a reservation has been made for the same day of inquiry, a 4 hours cancellation notice will be required.

Extra Charges:

When an appointment requires a Set Up time before 7:00 AM or after 7:00 PM, the appointment will incur in a 30% extra charge on the net prices, before tax and service charge or gratuities.

Note: a spa appointment has a 30-minute set up time before the starting time of the services.

A traveling fee of $50.00 USD will be applied for all services at La laguna and Puerto Los Cabos.  

A traveling fee of $100.00 USD will be applied, and a minimum of $600.00 USD worth of spa services will need to be reached, for appointments in Todos Santos, Pescadero or Cerritos.

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