We begin by exfoliating your hands to soften the skin and prepare your nails for grooming, shaping, and cutting cuticles, finalizing with a 10-minute massage.




After your feet are soaked and our technician exfoliate your legs and feet we will carefully trim and shape your nails, ensuring a clean and polished appearance. Cuticles will be gently pushed back and cut, promoting healthy nail growth, and maintaining a neat and refined look, finishing with a 10 min foot massage.




Nail polish change. Hands $20.00 Feet $25.00
Extra hydrating mask. $20.00
Gel or acrylic removal. Hands $20.00 Feet $25.00
Scalp, neck & shoulder massage. 20 MIN $45.00
Foot and leg massage with essential oil and hot towel. 20 MIN $45.00
Reflexology massage: Ancient holistic healing practice that focuses on stimulating specific
pressure points on feet and hands. 20 MIN $45.00
Manicure / Pedicure / Children under 10 years old. $65.00

• We accept Visa and Mastercard.
• AMEX is not accepted.
• All our prices are in US dollars. 18% gratuities and 16% taxes will be added.

• Set-ups before 8:00 am or after 7:00 pm requires a 30% extra charge.

• 4 services are required to go in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.
• 8 services are required to go to Puerto Los Cabos and El Encanto de La Laguna.
• 10 services are required to go to Cerritos, Rancho Pescadero or Todos Santos.
• East Cape area: case by case.

• Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo do not require a traveling fee.
• El Encanto de La Laguna and Puerto Los Cabos require a $60.00 USD fee.
• Cerritos, Rancho Pescadero or Todos Santos require a $100 USD fee.
• East Cape area: case by case.

• If more than 4 therapists are needed for one appointment, additional transportation will be necessary. Therefore, an
extra fee of $100.00 USD will be added to your final bill.

• Kindly consider your spa appointment has a 30 minute set-up time before the starting time of services.

• For all groups (6 or more) we require 48 hrs. cancellation notice, to the exception of Holiday Season, when we
require a 7-day cancellation notice.

• Reservations made from one day to the next: If a reservation has been made less than 24 hours from the appointment
starting time (from one day to the next), no cancellations will be allowed after 6:00 PM on the day that appointment
has been made. Cancellations will only be allowed by calling our office before 6 PM MST closing time. If we
have not received the phone call, the appointment will be charged in full.
• Reservations made for the same day. If a reservation has been made for the same day of inquiry, a 4-hour cancellation
notice will be required.
• Cancelation policy due to Covid- 19: Any deposit charged for spa services is non-refundable but applicable to be
used within the next 6 months.