4 Reasons to Include a Mobile Spa in Your Cabo Itinerary

Your Cabo itinerary is likely full of fun and exciting activities or well on its way to being there. Though it might be difficult, you should carve out space on your Cabo itinerary for a mobile spa. The beauty of a mobile spa is it brings the salon services directly to you and your sweetie, friends or others in […]

4 Wedding Makeup Looks for Different Wedding Types in Cabo

If you have a wedding on the horizon, you are likely envisioning the event in your mind’s eye. You are picturing your lovely wedding dress, your hair flowing in the breeze, the beautiful Cabo scenery and your special someone. Yet you might not have considered your makeup. This is a major decision as the style […]

Trendy Geometric Headpieces for your Wedding in Cabo

A chic hair accessory is such an important part of the perfect bridal hairstyle. At Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care, we think every Cabo wedding hairstyle looks even more amazing with headpieces! Here you have a couple of Trendy Geometric Headpieces for your Wedding in Cabo, there are so different and very easy to wear! […]


For more than 14 years, our experienced team of stylists and make-up artists has served the Los Cabos region with professional, on location wedding styling services. Today our best recommendation are our costumers words, through their comments about their bridal salon experience, you will understand why our wedding hair and make-up services are a must try […]