As Cabo’s premiere on-location bridal salon, our professional make-up artists always stay ahead of what’s on-trend in the beauty world.

One recent make-up look that has been popular lately is using white or nude eyeliner to create the illusion of bigger eyes and to make the eyes look wide-awake. Our make-up experts also use this technique on brides to help open the eyes and to eliminate redness in the eye.



It is easy to use white eyeliner as a correcting tool. Simply line the water line of the eye with a white or nude liner, add a touch of white to the inner corners of the eye, and you are ready to go!

Although the white eyeliner trick is an easy tip to follow, a much more difficult but even more important skill is shaping and filling the eyebrows.


The first tip we can offer is when shaping the brow, never remove hair from the top of the brow—only from the bottom. Secondly, if your brows are like most people’s they will need to be filled in, and this must be done with the proper tools. A good powder—never a regular pencil—makes the best filler, and always use small strokes to fill in any holes. After all the work is done, be sure to use a brow glue or clear mascara to seal the color and hold it in place.

We think it’s best to use a brow kit for this task, and we highly recommend the brow kit from Sephora. When designing your brow look, it is best to leave the waxing and tweezing to the professionals, but with a little practice you can use this little eyebrow lesson to fine-tune your daily eyebrow routine.[/one_half]

Suzanne Morel
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