If there’s one thing we know about wedding hair and make-up, it’s that a bride who feels good about her appearance will radiate a beautiful glow all day long from the inside out.

Beautiful Cabo bride Jane

We styled beautiful bride Jane and her bridal party this past February for her Hilton Los Cabos wedding. She was so thrilled with how she looked that she emailed us the following week to request a testimonial form to fill out! Just knowing she was 100% satisfied with her bridal hair and make-up made us happy, but Jane’s follow-up comments were so sweet and kind we had to share them with you here on the blog:

“When my friends asked if I was nervous about anything I kept saying the only thing I am nervous about is my hair. I have long curly hair. I talked with the Coordinator and we looked at photos and came up with the perfect look. My hair stylist didn’t seem nervous at all so it completely calmed my nerves. She had my hair straight and set it in no time (which is amazing in itself).”

Bridal hair and makeup in Cabo

“I must add that there were two hair stylists and they both were equally amazing! My bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law all looked stunning. She was so fast that I couldn’t believe it and when she was done I wanted to cry with excitement. It was even more wonderful than I imagined. Everyone’s hair looked amazing. I cannot say enough good things about the two stylists and the coordinator that helped us on my wedding day.”

Cabo wedding hair and makeupCabo bridal hair and makeup

“They did my sister and my make-up and WOW!!! We both looked gorgeous. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and they made us both look stunning. The coordinator again helped me pick out a look that would work best on me and my sister. I am still shocked that the makeup stayed on from 3:00pm- after midnight, even when I was dancing and crying. Again, I cannot say enough amazing things about the two stylists and the coordinator that helped us on my wedding. They made me feel beautiful!”

Suzanne Morel
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