From Pimples to Wrinkles

Revert the effect of face masks on your skin

For the last year, the words ‘’face masks’’ have been the most popular all over the world.

We now live with them attached to us; therefore, our skin has been experimenting some changes we do not like; pimples, dryness, irritation, allergic reaction and more.

In addition to this, the bad habits we have adopted under a lot of different circumstances just make it worst.

All the above is creating a new version of our skin, remember our skin reflets EVERYTHING.

Today, we are here to explain how we can help you to revert all the effects of all that is mentioned above.

From Pimples to Wrinkles

Let’s start by the

The new acne is called maskne, and it is a real thing. Sweating and not washing your mask very often can cause this. The oil glands and skin surface become inflamed and irritated from the material rubbing against it, saliva and oils from the skin cause it to break out. Wearing unbreathable masks that suffocate the skin could for sure irritate it.

Makeup can create a barrier between the face mask and your skin, obviously you need to wash it afterwards. So, in some cases (depending on your skin type) it is a good idea to wear makeup under a mask.

Getting a cleansing facial every 3 weeks would be the best way to treat it. Detox your skin from all that dirt. Your skin will appreciate it! Skin care is a MUST.

From Pimples to Wrinkles

Dehydration causes

Remember to always drink water! Face masks suffocate our skin; therefore, it is very important that your skin is properly moisturized. Skin care products complement the habit of drinking water.

When skin gets dehydrated for too long it starts to lose its properties so it can get itchy, you can get darker under-eye circles, and it can increase incidence or appearance of fine lines and surface wrinkles.

What type of facial should I get?

Our specialists will recommend the best options for you depending on your needs. Here are the options we offer:

Cleansing Facial 

For men or women / All skin types. This facial has been designed to keep the skin healthy and refresh, it is a maintenance facial that comes with a little bit of extractions, will leave the skin fully purified.

Seaweed Sun Damage Facial 

This facial is specifically designed for sensitive and sunburned skin, also for those who have rosacea, the special products used for this facial will help stimulate collage production to minimize further damage.


Bamboo Organic Facial 

For normal to dry skin under 35 years old. This facial will boost your skin and make it look radiant; it is the perfect facial before any special occasion.

Firming Facial 

This facial was designed to help with the skin’s elasticity. The products used in this facial will help strengthening and deliver a boost of anti-aging ingredients that will plump and firm the skin to make it look younger.

Age Defense Hydrating Facial 

This facial made for more mature skin will increase the moisture level in the skin using special selected ingredients in our products to deliver rich emollient, that will combat and slow down the aging process, this facial also comes with an eye treatment.

Oil Defense Facial Treatment 

This facial target the skin types that produce too much oil, it will help control it and keep it clean, proper monthly facials are important for this skin type to prevent breakout and blackheads.

* If need more extractions, we recommend our soothing mask as a second layer mask.

The list of things that could damage our skin can be endless… start working on it!

We have the best facials for you. Relax in Cabo and protect your skin, we can help you detox.

All of this without leaving your villa, we will come to you.

Call for advise and book your appointment at (213) 258-1921 (in the U.S. or Canada) or (624) 105-1670 (in México). Ask for our special of the month!

See you soon!

Suzanne Morel
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