Glitter & Glow – Getting Festive with Holiday Makeup in Cabo San Lucas

Festive times call for festive measures, which is why glitter makeup for the holidays has become increasingly popular in recent years. The trend makes perfect sense. Season celebrations–highlighted by Christmas and New Year’s Eve–are joyous occasions, so why not reflect your inner happiness and high-energy holiday spirits with some external glitter and glow? New Year’s Eve is the ultimate wow-factor makeup occasion, the night when you want to look as bubbly and effervescent as a bottle of freshly popped Champagne, but there are plenty of opportunities to glitterize your makeup game during the holiday season.

Setting doesn’t necessarily matter much in terms of bold makeup choices, although accessorizing with fashion is apt to vary wildly between frigid northern locales like Chicago and New York and always sunny Cabo San Lucas. The Land’s End city and cape sister San Jose del Cabo–which together form Los Cabos, or simply “Cabo”–are the rare destinations where you can break out beachwear and other breezy tropical apparel during the winter holidays. That’s one of the reasons, of course, why so many snowbirds flock south this time of year; and the warm weather does come into play for vacationers putting together their seasonal look, or looks.

With that in mind, here are four key things to remember when getting festive with holiday makeup in Cabo.

Embrace the Season!

Don’t fight the feeling, embrace the season! The only holiday blues we’re interested in are the ones in our collection of cover ups, sarongs and sundresses…and or course in our glitter makeup kit. Each season has its fashion standards, and for the winter holidays, glitter has become the “cool” rule, even in warm weather destinations like Los Cabos.

Candy and Champagne are now the buzzwords for makeup in Cabo during the holiday season. Bubblegum or cotton candy pink lipstick that looks sweet as spun sugar, and a glittery eyeliner or eyeshadow that sparkles with the bubbly effervescence of a bottle of Dom Perignon. That’s the emotional zeitgeist for the season, although obviously there’s a myriad of options when it comes to makeup applications, from icy or metallic chrome lipsticks and glosses to glitters and crystals that frame your eyes in new and surprisingly colorful ways.

The greatest thing about glitter makeup for the holidays is there are no “must do” techniques or “must use” products. It’s up to you, to your own sensibilities and tastes, in terms of how exotic or outré you want to go with the glitter look and lifestyle.

Speaking of which…

Break All the Rules!

If you remember only one thing, it’s to forget the conventional rules. There’s no need to be “buttoned up” during holiday get-togethers, especially in an “anything goes” destination like Cabo San Lucas. Whether you’re enjoying the season with family, friends or that special someone, you should feel free to be yourself. That means expressing yourself fully, through your fashion choices and through your hair and makeup styles.

The beauty of the glitter look is that it gives you permission to “color” outside the lines. Glitter above the eyebrows? Why not! Below the brows? Sure! A splash of glitter on the eyelids, visible only when you blink? Gorgeous! A cat-eyed glitter look, or a complete glitter cover-up between the eyebrows and eyelashes? Absolutely! A little glitter liner below the eyes, with a plummy ombré lip effect? Go for it!

Glitter makes people happy, and not just the person wearing it. It’s an infectious joy, contagious in its gleeful exuberance. Makeup in Cabo this time of year means unexpected choices, bold colors, vivid shapes and eye-catching textures.

Hair and makeup, Face and Body!

Bold use of glitter is certainly an attention getter, but to truly own your Cabo look, you need to harmonize every aspect of personal appearance, from hair and nails to face and body. In other words, you need to…

Call Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care!

When it comes to hair and “makeup in Cabo San Lucas”, Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care is the glitter and gold standard.

SMFBC is home to the finest collection of beauty stylists in Los Cabos, from Suzanne Morel herself–raised in a family of beauty salon owners, and founder of her own cosmetics line–to her talented and personally trained staff of hair and makeup artists.

Rainbow sprinkles in your hair to pair with your glitter makeup? No problem! Hair and makeup should work together seamlessly, and pixie cuts, bobs and other styles–both short and long–can be used to spectacular effect with glitter makeup. Our goal is to help clients show off their shape and features to the utmost, whether with sparkly accents or the hottest seasonal hair styles.

We also do manicures and pedicures, as well as massages, facials, body treatments and therapies. Want your nails to have their own glitter and glow? A cleansing, firming and hydrating facial before you have your latest makeup appliqué? How about a pampering lavender oil massage, or our signature Mayan healing treatment? The old adage that you only look as good as you feel is absolutely true, and we promise you’ll feel sensational after our skilled masseuses release built-up tension for a feeling of total health and well-being.

Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care

Just remember, for holiday makeup in Cabo there’s only one name you need to know:  Suzanne Morel. SMFBC will help you capture the spirit of the season, in all its glittery hues and shiny colors. And best of all, we’re mobile. We’ll come to wherever you are, from resorts to rental luxury villas. That’s a gift worth getting excited about. But then again, so is a glitter-friendly holiday season in paradise.

Suzanne Morel
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