Below we listed a couple of recommendations and point of consideration when you are looking to arrange your wedding spa services or hair and make-up thru Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care:

  • When you first contact us to get information or to make arrangements for your wedding day, it is always more convenient to start with a phone consultation. Indeed a first phone call give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves considering that we will assist you for days or months with your Big day! During this first phone call we will explain you exactly who we are and how we work, then you will be able to give us the information we need regarding your wedding so we can arranged the services and you will explain us what you are looking for. Because the most important here is what you want! So don’t forget to send us a phone number when you send us your first information request.
  • After this first phone call, most of the communication will be done thru emails accordingly to the time left until the wedding day. But of course if for some reasons you need some immediate assistance from one of our wedding Spa coordinator we will be glad to assist you.
  • Before making any arrangements or reservation we will be sending you our deposit and cancellation policy. It is very important for you to take the time to ready it and to make sure you contact us if you have any doubt or question before you return it signed to us. Usually we explain you the way we work over the phone but by sending to you the form via email you are also able to keep it and review it whenever you have a doubt.
  • Please make sure you contact us if you need for some reason to change credit card information thru the process of reservation so we can guarantee your services.

And if you need immediate assistance please contact our office, we are open Monday thru Sunday.

US phone# 619 819 9180

Cabo phone# 624 105 1670

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