How to have a spectacular skin for your walk down the aisle?

At Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care you will find fantastic make-up artists who will create for you an unbelievable look, but remember we can do a great work but your skin needs to be prepared. Indeed, you have to make sure you book a consultation with your esthetician at least 6 months prior to your wedding, we would even recommend to the people who are used to have a very sensitive skin or issues to go earlier.

In fact skin treatments can need few months to give their first results. It is why this matter cannot wait! Like you schedule sending your invitations, you will have to schedule that appointment with your esthetician. Most of the time they will first want to get a general idea of your skin. Then they will recommend you the most appropriate treatment.

For the brides who do not have specific skin problems few cleansing and moisturizing facials prior to the wedding should work but once again your esthetician would know what works best for you.

Most of the times brides like a natural and glowing look but if the skin is not in perfect condition it can become difficult for your make-up artist to create that look.

Also avoid changing skin care products just before coming down to Los Cabos. Most of skins are used to some products and your skin could react poorly to any change (example: redness or even allergies). The best for you to avoid any beauty meltdown is to bring your own skin care products.


But after all those months of planning all bride well deserves a pre wedding Spa treatment. A nice way to relax! This facial will actually be mostly all about the massage . It will help give your skin a plump and a rosy look because of the manipulation and the increased circulation. Our technicians will do a light exfoliation and no extraction, so you can look at your very best with a very fresh look!

For more information regarding our mobile facial services visit: Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care – Facials menu

For the brides from Northern California we would like to recommend the following esthetician for a personalized skin care consultation:Nefertari – San Francisco

Suzanne Morel
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