Six ways to keep your skin healthy looking

We now recognize that proper maintenance of the skin through a variety of facials will provide the skin with better endurance. So whatever are your skin’s problems we have designed a facial to help. We will nourish, protect, deep cleanse, heal, revitalize and help sensitive skin. The proper facial treatment will fight the loss of elasticity diminishing wrinkles, rejuvenating and helping with the anti-aging process.

Today we give you 6 ways to keep your skin  healthy looking:

1. Cleanses / Deeply with exfoliation + Masques.

2. Controle the oils of the skin.

3. Hydrate to increase moisture level.

4. Stimulate collagen production.

5. Boost your skin to get better coloring.

6. Combat and slow down the aging process.

keep your skin healthy looking

Keep your Skin Healthy with our Facial Packages!

Note:  All our prices are in US dollars, 18% gratuities and the 16% taxes will be added. These promotions can not be apply with any other promotion. Credit card payments Visa and MasterCard accepted.

For all appointments we require a 48 hrs cancellation notice. A minimum of 2 services is required for us to come to your location. Set Up before 7 am or after 7 pm will have a 30% extra charge. A traveling fee of $50 will be applied for all services at La laguna, Puerto Los Cabos, or Cerritos.  


Suzanne Morel
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