Destination Wellness – 5 Pampering Spa Services in Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos has developed a unique brand of barefoot luxury over the past two decades, pairing tropical beaches and year-round sunshine with five-star services such as celebrity chef helmed restaurants and expansive onsite spas. The latter have proved an especially popular attraction for upscale travelers, so much so that one of the things they most look forward to on their vacation in paradise is pampering spa services in Cabo San Lucas.

Sister city San Jose del Cabo also offers plenty of soothing ministrations, of course, but Cabo San Lucas boasts an added attraction. Not only is the Land’s End community rich in exquisitely situated coastal resorts and spas, it’s also home to the region’s premier mobile spa: Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care. SMFBC offers all of the treatments, therapies and salon services of a traditional spa, but it also travels. It comes to wherever you are, or wherever you want to be.

Think about it. You’ve already taken a flight, and presumably ground transportation from the airport to your accommodations. Why should you have to trek anywhere else? The idea is to relax, and even if the journey from suite to spa isn’t exactly an arduous expedition, why should you have to expend effort at all?

Having spa services come to you actually provides some hidden benefits beyond the obvious comfort and convenience. You can more easily share the experience with friends and family, and, rather than relying on reservation windows, you have complete control over the time and place. That means you can pick a spot by the pool one day, on the beach the next. It also means you can mix in personal touches like your favorite cocktail or your favorite music playlist.

With that in mind, here are five great Cabo spa services that will come directly to your door.


Massages are associated with many health benefits. They promote better circulation, increase flexibility, and perhaps most importantly of all, alleviate stress. They are also, it must be noted, enormously enjoyable. Few things engender a sense of complete and utter relaxation quite like a good massage, particularly when mood enhancers like sunshine, sea breezes and swaying palms are added to the ambient mix. For that reason alone, massages are always among the most popular.

Spa Services in Cabo San Lucas.

Want to relax with a Swedish style rubdown by the infinity pool at your vacation villa? How about a sport massage after a run on the beach, or a hot stone massage with aromatherapy oils as the sun sets over the southernmost point of the Baja California peninsula?

Ready for something completely decadent? Experience sensory overload with a four hands massage, or take your relationship to the next level with a couple’s massage….a side by side foray into romance with scented candles, aromatherapy oils and mood enhancing music.

Vacation bliss doesn’t get any better than this.

Body Treatments

The mobile spa aspect and the level of comfort and ease it offers is indeed one of the most notable things about SMFBC. Another is our superb staff, all of whom are expertly trained, certified and insured, and committed to providing our clients with the best possible service.

Nowhere is their training and commitment to service more evident than in our signature body treatments, which range from gentle exfoliations and back cleansings to cucumber cooling therapies to counteract sunburn and Mexican rituals designed for total health and well-being.

These Mexican rituals are combined in a Mayan Healing Package, which integrates mango and papaya exfoliations with yoga movements, antioxidant tea, a full body massage, and more. The result is over 75 minutes of head-to-toe wellness maintenance, a tune-up for mind, body and spirit. It’s the specialty of the house, and one of the truly extraordinary spa services in Cabo San Lucas.


The face is your window to the world. It’s the first thing people focus on when they meet you, and its features provide the clues by which they judge your mood and your state of mind, as well as your overall health and happiness. Facials are therefore one of the most important Cabo spa services, optimizing skin health to ensure a youthful and radiant visage.

SMFBC offers six signature facials, and each has its own unique focus.  The “cleansing” facial purifies skin, the “seaweed sun damage” repairs sunburned or sensitive skin, while the “age defense hydrating” facial turns back the clock which rich emollients and other select ingredients. Other facial treatments target dry or oily skin, or help plump or firm the skin by strengthening its elasticity.

The SMFBC experience also showcases “extras” that specifically address eyes and the neck area, plus combo packages that pair massages and facials with a little polish work on fingernails and toenails.

Manicures & Pedicures

Speaking of manis and pedis, a great man once wrote that “success is the sum of details. To achieve true health and beauty, in other words, one must devote tender loving care to every aspect of physical appearance, from flowing tresses to flawless toenails.

We recommend dedicating some time to your digits with our signature manicure and pedicure treatments, which not only feature filing and shaping, but polishing, and cuticle cutting and callous removal. Special massages and hydrating masks are another reason this is a must-do for those seeking the total package of “spa services in Cabo San Lucas.”

Bridal Hair & Makeup

Almost all spa services in Cabo San Lucas are memorable, particularly when the pampering ministrations are provided by SMFBC. But bridal hair and makeup is one of the few that can justifiably be called a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.

The bride is the star of the show, and so of course gets the lioness’s share of attention, but all the participating ladies – from bridesmaids to flower girls – can have their hair expertly styled and makeup applied to perfection. Fairy Tale packages are available, as are special spa packages for the bridal party or happy couple.


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