There’s a lot of planning that goes in to Cabo San Lucas destination weddings, but as with all nuptials, nothing is quite so important as bridal care. Let’s face it, the bride and groom may be co-stars of the road show that is a destination wedding, but only one of them typically needs to spend significant time thinking about costume changes and hair and makeup.

The bride’s hair and makeup is important for many reasons, not least of which is simple and time-tested fact that the better one looks, the better one feels; and who doesn’t want to look and feel their best on the biggest day of their life?

Which, of course, is why every bride needs professional help. There’s enough to think about during one’s special day without having to worry constantly about hair and makeup. Luckily for Cabo bound brides, there’s Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care. Scion of a family of beauty salon owners and founder of her own cosmetics line, Suzanne Morel trains her hand-picked beauty squad personally, with refreshers throughout the year to keep up with the latest hair and makeup trends. Together, they’re the finest team of beauty stylists in Cabo San Lucas, and are considered a must hire for elegant destination nuptials in the Land’s End city…which like any other tropical locale, has some rather unique climate and lighting conditions.

With local conditions firmly in mind, the SMFBC team shares three of its current favorite hair and makeup looks for Cabo San Lucas Destination Weddings.

The Forever Fresh & Always Classic Chignon

It’s the bun of all buns, the most elegant of all updos. It’s always fresh and never goes out of fashion. It’s endlessly versatile, looks great with nearly everything–from backless dresses to high-necked gowns–and works effortlessly with all manner of accessories: including flowers, hair clips, tiaras, brooches and bridal veils. It, of course, is the classic chignon, a timeless hairstyle which take its name from the French phrase chignon du cou (meaning “nape of the neck”, where the bun sits).

Collared, high-necked gowns are a bit of a rarity in always sunny Cabo San Lucas, but the chignon also works perfectly with plunging necklines and off-the-shoulder gowns, both of which are popular choices because of the warm tropical climate. The chignon pulls hair away from the face, showcasing delicate bone structure and expert makeup.

Typical Cabo San Lucas destination weddings start with an outdoor ceremony before transitioning to an indoor reception, so in those cases our talented team will need to touch up the initial makeup application, carefully chosen for bright natural lighting, before you enter a darker and more indirectly lit ballroom. The chignon works perfectly for both, naturally, but can be reshaped if necessary during the transition period.

For brides who want something slightly different from the classic bun, or want to accentuate a certain style of gown, there’s also the “low chignon,” a similarly chic and sophisticated hairstyle that pairs wonderfully with classic veils and vintage dresses, flower accessories for rustic beachfront weddings, and wedding gowns with detailed backs.

The Best of Both Worlds with Half-Up, Half-Down

Updos may be de rigueur for formal events and life-changing ceremonies like weddings, but the reality is that not all women are comfortable wearing their hair up. It’s also a bedrock hair and makeup principle that the bride’s wedding look should reflect her natural style and personality. Obviously, it’s hard to be natural when you’re not comfortable.

The half-up, half down is thus an excellent, not to mention elegant, solution. It offers both the smart sophistication of an updo and the free-spirited boho chic of a down-do, with countless variations in-between. Like our other featured hairstyles, it is extremely versatile, and easily styled with a wide variety of waves, curls, buns and two and three-strand braids. But perhaps even more importantly, it’s also extremely comfortable.

Half-up, half-down hairstyles really do offer the best of both worlds, and apropos of “Cabo San Lucas destination weddings”, keeping half of a bride’s hair up can have some additional practical advantages. For one thing, it will help keep her “cool” during outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Remember our mantra: “Look great, feel great.”

Tying the Knot with Bridal Braids

Cabo San Lucas Destination Weddings

Speaking of braids…If there is any hairstyle that can challenge the chignon for sheer versatility, it’s the braid. But whereas the former has achieved a sterling reputation thanks to its sophistication, easy maintenance and adaptability to any ensemble, the latter has become a fashionable wedding choice due to its seemingly innumerable permutations. There are Dutch braids, French braids, crowns, fishtails, waterfalls, fishtail waterfalls, milkmaids, and a thousand other subtle variations.

There’s always a braid that works well with your gown of choice. Braids can be worn on top, in back or on the sides, and like the chignon, can look even more striking with accessories…floral arrangements for boho chic ensembles, or gold or pearl accents with more traditional bridal gowns.

For destination weddings in Cabo San Lucas, the ideal choice is often a rather classical and timelessly elegant crown braid, although mermaid-like fishtails are a natural for rustic or barefoot beachfront ceremonies. Braids can even be a shared characteristic for the entire bridal party…but as a general rule the bride’s hairstyle should never be an exact match with that of her bridesmaids.

There are no unbreakable rules, however, save that the bride should look absolutely gorgeous, from the moment she walks down the aisle until the final dance of the evening…and in the photos forever after. That’s the focus at SMFBC, where bridal hair and makeup are never just minor details, but rather vitally important preparations for any Cabo San Lucas destination weddings. Hair and makeup always matter, but never more so than when cameras are capturing every single movement.

Suzanne Morel
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