Celebrating 20 Years with Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care in Cabo.

This year, we proudly celebrate 20 years of pampering perfection with Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care in Cabo San Lucas. Our journey from a full-service salon to becoming a sanctuary of relaxation and beauty is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about the milestones that have shaped our spa into the haven it is today.

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Our owner’s roots are in Montreal, Canada, where Suzanne Morel was raised in a beauty salon dynasty, planting the seeds of Suzanne Morel’s passion for beauty and wellness. The Montreal beauty legacy, originally started by her grandmother, grew to include 12 beauty salons in the region, where for more than 10 years, Suzanne managed her boutique salon, becoming an image and style advisor for her elite clientele.

In 1978, Suzanne, a professional makeup artist herself, and her husband Pierre, a Business and Real Estate Entrepreneur, decided to expand their horizons in the American market with the clear vision to provide top-notch services that elevate the senses and exceed expectations, establishing a full-service salon named Estherium by Suzanne Morel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with full beauty and spa treatments.

Suzanne’s passion for excitement, constant innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and pioneering mindset in the beauty industry led her to create her own beauty brand. By 1983, the Suzanne Morel cosmetic and skincare brand had established a strong presence in up to 10 malls, employing over 100 people. Pioneering the beauty mall kiosk business, Suzanne captivated beauty enthusiasts with cosmetics that embodied sophistication, boasting high-end quality.

The beauty brand also focused on creating personalized makeup routines to enhance the beauty of each individual.

Fast forward to 1989, we introduced a haven for beauty – a salon specializing in manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, full makeup, and permanent makeup service. The pursuit of perfection in every detail became the hallmark of our services.

In 1990, The Morel European Spa emerged as a groundbreaking establishment, becoming the first day spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Boasting an expansive 10000 square feet of luxurious space and employing a dedicated team of 30 professionals, the spa redefined relaxation in the region. Its pioneering approach set a new standard for beauty and wellness, attracting a clientele eager for a comprehensive spa experience. However, the spa’s remarkable success brought forth a unique challenge – the demand surpassed the capacity of the 30 employees. This situation revealed a gap in the availability of well-trained and certified professionals in the area. Given the scarcity of spas at that time (there were only full-service beauty salons with few treatments back then) the need for a skilled workforce became apparent, underscoring the spa’s pivotal role not only as a trendsetter but also as a catalyst for advancing spa industry standards in Fort Lauderdale.

In response to the burgeoning demand and the shortage of well-trained professionals in Fort Lauderdale, Suzanne Morel took a decisive step in 1991. Recognizing the need for a skilled workforce, the visionary owners behind the Morel European Spa established the Advanced Suzanne Morel Beauty School. This institution became a beacon of expertise, providing comprehensive training and certification for therapists, estheticians, makeup artists, and stylists. The beauty school not only filled a critical gap in the local market but also served as a testament to Suzanne Morel’s commitment to excellence and her determination to elevate the standards of the beauty industry in the region, empowering aspiring professionals with top-notch training and solidifying the Morel brand as a beauty and wellness force in Fort Lauderdale.

After years of being the most successful spa in the region, The Morel European Spa was sold to a big public company  with multiple locations between Canada and the USA, which led the owners to their next enterprise.

In 2003, fueled by an unyielding spirit of innovation and a desire to explore new horizons, Suzanne Morel and her husband Pierre set their sights on Los Cabos, Mexico. Taking their wealth of experience and expertise in the spa and beauty industry, they unveiled a new chapter by introducing the only Boutique Luxury Spa offering on-location services in the region, and Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care emerged. This pioneering move offering exclusive luxury and wellness services not only catered to the discerning tastes of clients in Cabo but also positioned Suzanne Morel as a trailblazer in redefining beauty and wellness experiences in Cabo, being that most of the spas in town were established in resorts. The introduction of professional hair and makeup services for brides and special occasions added a professional touch of luxury to weddings and celebrations, establishing a new standard for personalized and opulent beauty services in this beautiful destination.

As we joyfully celebrate two decades of Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care in Cabo, we reflect on the remarkable journey that began in Montreal and unfolded across Fort Lauderdale and finally, the shores of Cabo. Venturing to Cabo in 2003 marked not just a geographical expansion but a pioneering leap into on-location luxury spa services, setting a new standard in this breathtaking destination. As we look back at the milestones, we extend heartfelt gratitude to our cherished clients who have been an integral part of this incredible journey. Here’s to two decades of pampering perfection, and to the exciting chapters yet to unfold in the legacy of Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care. Cheers to beauty, wellness, and our enduring hallmark of excellence!

Suzanne Morel
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