This year again May and June have been some of the favorite months to get married in Los Cabos.

Our team of hair stylists and make-up artists has been assisting an average of 15 brides with their bridal party every week and they were all beauftiful.

But one of the most special weddings was Sarah & Luke’s wedding in May, we all knew since the first time we met them at their wedding site inspection that we were going to have a lot of fun! And we did!

Thank you Alec & T – Photography for these special pictures from the funiest to the most emotional ones. The hairs and make-ups of the bride and of the bridal party looked fantastics and don’t forget to visit Linens, Things and More… to discover Sarah & Luke’s wedding decor at the Sunset Da Monalisa.







All the services of hair and make-up for your wedding in Los Cabos available on:

Suzanne Morel
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