Because you will look at your wedding album for the rest of your life, you want to look beautiful on each picture! But did you know that wedding photography requested more than regular pictures?

Our weddings experience in Los Cabos and photographers recommendations helped us to come up with some tips for your bridal party make-up and yours in particular:

  • For your face use sheer or neutral tones avoid shimmer. Shimmering shadows reflect on films and give you too dramatic results.
  • Use fresh and natural eye shadows and eyeliner… fashions change not your wedding album!
  • For black and white pictures, all make-up looking good in color will look good on your black and white pictures… and remember people around you will see you in color.
  • For lipsticks and glosses make sure you choose again some neutral and matte colors like pinks or nudes… Unfortunately high-gloss goes away very easily and fashion here also changes very often.
  • Choose carefully your make-up, indeed some of the oil-free foundations will bring too much shine on your skin and will give you a very pale look on pictures.
  • At Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care we recommend most of our brides to use false eye lashes to give them a more dramatic look by giving fulness to their eyes.
As a resume, the most important is to stay natural with  touch of romanticism especially if you are getting married on a beautiful beach in Cabo! Our staff of make-up artists have been highly trained to create that perfect look for your wedding…
Suzanne Morel
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