Learning how to contour and bring out your best facial features is especially great for photo shoots and special occasions. But whether it is for a wedding or a night out on the town, adding extra depth and dimension by contouring can transform and glamorize your overall appearance. In order to learn how to contour and correct any facial blemishes, here is the first of five makeup tutorials that will help enhance your features and give your skin a glowing look.

Using your daily moisturizer as a base, apply a lighter shade of concealer under your eyes, along the bridge of your nose, lower cheeks and upper chin, and on your forehead between your eyebrows in a triangular fashion. For exact placement, please refer to the pictures featured above and below.

The next step is to contour by applying a darker shade of concealer or bronzer to the areas surrounding the outer parts of your face, nose, and lower chin. To accentuate your cheek bones, apply bronzer to your face starting from the lower cheek bone to the middle part of your ear. For warmth and rosy color, apply your blush to the area right above the contoured bronzer.

To complete the look, fully blend all areas of your face and smooth out any sharp angles you may have made with your concealer. Make sure that there is no makeup line visible between your face and neck, and blend this area well. Finish the look with a sheer powder that will mask unwanted shine.

correction contour for wedding makeup

Suzanne Morel
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