How can you find the right planner for you? what would be your wedding planner’s role?

These are just few questions a bride should ask her self. Planning a destination wedding is an amazing, stimulating and extremely time consuming project. A destination bride should not try to do this by herself. Our advice to our brides is to take the time to talk to a couple of potential wedding planners. Ask, ask, ask! When a few names start coming over, there you have your pre-selection. Ask your potential planner for referrals from former clients, you will not only get feedback regarding her but also regarding their whole wedding experience! Also, take at least 30 minutes to explore their website and blogs, you will find amazing information there.

Pictures courtesy of Signature Wedding

“They make sure your wedding reflects who you are, not only that, you and your guests leave saying “this was the most amazing I have been”. Perfection, beauty and peace of mind are possible, everything with a smile :)”





For a list of our favorite wedding planners visit Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care

Suzanne Morel
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