With most restrictions lifted now, we are gradually getting back to normal, and of course, we are the most excited because this means we are back to do what we love. Wedding season is here, yay!We spend a lot of time home lately, with zoom meetings being our way to socialize a little, most of us adopted a more laid-back style during this lockdown, and it seems this has influenced this new wedding season hair trends! this year is all about working with natural textures, relaxed, airy styles, natural and soft waves, and statement headpieces to glam it up.Styling beautiful brides is our passion, and this is what we see on-trend for 2021:

The chignon has been a timeless wedding hair staple. This time in a more loose fashion, for a more relaxed yet formal look.

While this style by itself, it gives you the versatility to wear a veil and a headpiece at the same time, without looking overdone.

This is the perfect style if you want to remove the veil later in the reception and keep your bridal glam with only a headpiece to be more comfortable, without the fuss of messing or changing hairdos.

If you are more of a minimalistic look, this is your go-to look as it can also be kept clean of loose hairpieces but with lots of texture, still.

The braids have been around in the bridal hair trends for a while now, this time a little more chunky and deconstructed, with a mixture of braid and ponytail to show opposite textures in one hairdo.

The Old Hollywood look is timeless. There is always the bride that wants the full, super elegant classic glam, and hey, why not! your wedding is the most elegant occasion to go all dolled up. This will never get out of style. Give a twist to this classic by adding modern Hairpins. Whether you go with a super relaxed or a more marked or “piecey” wave, this hairdo always shows sexy texture with lots of thickness.

If you have short hair, just let perfectly styled texture do the magic! Whether your style is a full glam

Or more natural and simple

The natural wave will make it super easy to style. Just add a magnificent headpiece and voila.

Another bridal classic, this time definitely with a more boho vibe, less done version. forget about the tight ringlets and big puffs.

A headpiece can be added to with this stye to make it more bridal.

At Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care, we will help you find the right look for you, according to your hair type, length, face shape, and dress.

Dare to rock sexy tresses on your wedding day and contact us for a free consultation!

Suzanne Morel
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