The date is set, and you want your big day to be perfect as you dreamed of.

You found the perfect dress. Perfect shoes, perfect jewelry, perfect flowers…

But what about perfect hair, perfect skin, flawless makeup? You may ask yourself; do I really need to hire this service? is this expense worth the money? The short answer is yes.

You sure cannot miss this important aspect, it´s a super important aspect of your wedding and you got to leave it in hands of the experts. Here is why:

Not only is important to look like you always dreamed at the ceremony, but you also want to maintain your gorgeous bridal glow up to the evening. And yes, it´s a long day (like a marathon) with lots going on. A professional Hair and Makeup team will work with a higher range of quality products that will lock your look till the end of the night. There will be lots of hugs, partying, dancing, and joyful tears that your makeup and hair need to resist, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. This can only be achieved with the best products expertly applied. You sure don’t want to look like you have no makeup by the time of the first dance.

Should I Get Professional Hair and Makeup for my Wedding

Your wedding day will be, for sure the most photographed day of your life. You will have professional photos taken and these are forever pictures that you and your loved ones will look to for years to come. You sure want to look at your best.  A camera demands a little more enhanced look, even if you are going for a more natural look. An expert team will know exactly what will suit you best for photos, which areas to accentuate, and where to use a light hand.

Should I Get Professional Hair and Makeup for my Wedding

Keep in mind that, unless you are having an elopement you may need more than one stylist. Besides the bride, the wedding party and immediate family (moms, grandmas…) got to look at their best, as they all will be part of the professional photographs. They should also be considered for hair and makeup appointments. Having a group of people getting glammed up at the same time demands a full team that can start working with several people at the same time to avoid delays or unnecessary waiting time.

Should I Get Professional Hair and Makeup for my Wedding

The morning of the big day can get very hectic, everyone wants to come and say hi to the bride, do a little something to enjoy the morning, have a nice breakfast, and also start getting ready to be right on time.

This process can feel like a lot going on and should be an experience you are enjoying. Having to be ready exactly at a certain time could be particularly challenging and stressful, especially with larger groups. This shouldn’t feel like another task for the bride, friends, or family to coordinate… The getting ready process is one of the most memorable moments of the entire day! you should be as relaxed as possible with your bridal party and some mimosas on hand, creating wonderful memories. Let the team of experts pamper you and be fully present with your bridal team and family and take wonderful selfies, or even better, have your photographer arrive a little earlier to take some very cool shots of the fun process.

Should I Get Professional Hair and Makeup for my Wedding

You may have a close friend or relative who is an amazing stylist or makeup artist but think twice before putting them to work.  Think of that person as a dear guest that comes to enjoy this special moment with you. Think they might have to deal with add-ons or last-minute hiccups that probably not only result stressful but will also have them rush getting ready themselves.

Should I Get Professional Hair and Makeup for my Wedding

Bridal styling is another whole category among styling.

At Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care, we have an experienced team of stylists and hair and makeup artists specialized in weddings.  We work strictly in this category and we know what is appropriate for the occasion. From the properly applied eyelash, soft or bold bridal makeup to the perfect curl that should stay in place the entire event. We know every aspect to consider. We have the perfect application technique for any product used. Every Do´s and Don’ts. We don´t do tints, we don´t haircuts. We are fully dedicated to weddings (we are obsessed).

Should I Get Professional Hair and Makeup for my Wedding

We like to work closely with each bride and maintain great communication before the wedding to get to know her personality, style, and expectations. We feel is important to connect with our client before the wedding. We are fully available to schedule zoom calls, emails with pictures, and phone calls to understand the style each bride is going for and have the best suggestions according to each bride’s unique features and complexion. While perhaps you would do a little more makeup or a little different than usual on such an important day, you still want to feel like yourself, but special. You shouldn’t feel like a different person by the time you are fully glammed. This is why we love to get to know you better.

If possible, a trial appointment is highly recommended. This is a great chance for the stylist to even know you better by looking at you in person previously. Working with your hair, eye color, face shape, and skin type in advance. This will make the process even easier on the wedding day for the bride as we will be prepared with all the right products and colors applied in the trial. This saves time and gives more confidence to both bride and stylist, as the final results have been already seen and discussed.

Should I Get Professional Hair and Makeup for my Wedding
Should I Get Professional Hair and Makeup for my Wedding

Along with your hair and makeup artist team, we send a Hair and Makeup Coordinator for the entire getting ready process, that will help you communicate with your stylist, assess you to find the best look for you if you and your guests, and create a smooth schedule to maximize time. The Hair and Makeup Coordinator will also assist with every hair and makeup question anyone may have.

Should I Get Professional Hair and Makeup for my Wedding

Without any doubt hair and makeup should be marked as highly important on your wedding planning. Unwind and enjoy your big day while the pros do their magic!

Call us now for a free consultation at our USA/CAN line 954 278 6880 or our MEX line 624 105 1670.

Suzanne Morel
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