Destination Relaxation – Finding the Best Massage in Cabo San Lucas

Is there such a thing as a bad massage? Even the most inexpert of rubdowns, when applied with love, provides calming comfort and thus a deepened state of relaxation. But even if there is no such thing as a bad massage, there are most definitely levels when it comes to the very best massages…the crème de la crème of tender kneading and skillful manipulation. Many levels, and more than a few enhancements, from lush ambiance with sweet-scented aromatherapy candles to sun-splashed tropical beaches perfect for romantic side-by-side couples massages. All of the above, by the way, are in play when it comes to the best massage in Cabo San Lucas, as is something we like to call the ultimate upgrade.

The Mobile Massage in Cabo San Lucas

How do you top a massage at Land’s End, with all the soothing and stress-relieving bells and whistles? You offer your world-class massage comforts with world-class convenience, bringing the massage directly to your clients at the location of their choice, be it poolside at a five-star luxury resort or on the terrace of a cliffside luxury villa overlooking crashing Pacific Ocean waves.

That’s the formula for Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care, the premier mobile spa in Los Cabos. Suzanne herself has a rich history of helping others look great and feel great. Born into a family of beauty salon owners, she founded her own successful line of cosmetics before moving to Cabo San Lucas to open a trio of event and personal care based companies, including the pampering bridal care and spa focused SMFBC. Her personally trained team at the latter has mastered the art of the mobile massage in Cabo San Lucas, delivering incredible spa experiences to wherever clients are or wherever they’d like to be.

Imagine a place with sunshine, palm trees, the meditative sound of waves lapping against a golden sand shoreline. Maybe it’s by a pool or beach, or in a rustic cabana whose windows are opened to reveal a scene of breathtaking tropical beauty. Imagine a massage table there, and a smiling masseuse. Imagine giving yourself over to pure sensation, letting all the cares and worries of the world wash away during an extended 30 to 120 minute interlude of relaxing and rejuvenating therapies.

Does this sound like a place you’d like to visit, a wellness treatment you’d like to experience?

Maximum Comfort, Maximum Convenience

The mobile spa experience offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

We are all creatures of habit, finding comfort in familiar surroundings. Getting ready to go somewhere always involves at least a modicum of stress, from worries about finding a taxi or rental car to traffic, getting lost or being late. A massage after tackling these transportation concerns will certainly alleviate the stress involved…at least until it’s over and you have to find you way back to your resort, condo or luxury villa.

Comfort and convenience go hand-in-hand. The less you have to do to enjoy your massage in paradise, the more satisfying it will inevitably be.

There’s also the issue of privacy. Even a massage at a five-star resort doesn’t offer the same level of privacy and personal attention as a massage at a time and place you find convenient, with ambiance and all other elements of the experience totally under your control. Want to set out some candles, cue your favorite musical playlist, or synchronize your spa treatment with a poolside cocktail party?

So many more possibilities are in play when the spa experiences comes directly to you, with extras or enhancements solely at your discretion.

Romantic couples massages, for example, are quite popular in Los Cabos, as are spa parties with family, with girlfriends, or–in the case of destination weddings–with bridesmaids. Each option can be tweaked for maximum comfort and enjoyment.  Couples can enjoy their massages side-by-side with an interlude of Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Family can pick and choose their respective massages, with dad getting a sport massage before his destination golf outing, mom basking in the serenity and stress-relief of a hot stone massage with aromatherapy oils, and the kids opting for relaxation style rubdowns. Girlfriends or bridesmaids can add food, drink or entertainment to the massage mix.

But in all cases, privacy and intimacy are paramount. These are moments you want to share with those closest to you, not anonymous neighbors at a bustling all-inclusive resort.

Comfort, convenience, privacy and the best “massage in Cabo San Lucas?” That’s the magic of the mobile spa.

Head-to-Toe Health & Well-Being

The convenience of a mobile Cabo San Lucas massage cannot be overstated. But that’s only part of the formula. The most important ingredient is the massage itself, which has to be every bit as good or better than those offered by the Los Cabos region’s roster of five-star resorts. Otherwise, the convenience factor isn’t so much of an upgrade as a novelty.

The massage itself must be the centerpiece of the experience, and Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care’s team of skilled masseuses make sure that’s always the case, offering artful ministrations from a menu that includes a wide variety of massage styles: from sport, Swedish and shiatsu to relaxed, deep tissue, hot stone, bio-energy, reflexology, lavender oil and Santé, the latter of which uses a combination of circular and long stroke techniques to improve body circulation. There’s even a four-hands massage in which masseuses work in tandem to provide an incredible feeling of soothing sensation and utter relaxation.

No matter which style you choose, you’re going to emerge re-energized, with a feeling of head-to-toe health and well-being. Your circulation will be improved, your skin will feel more pliable, your limbs and joints more flexible. Even your senses will feel enhanced, particularly if you take advantage of SMFBC’s aromatherapy upgrade, adding sweet-smelling accents like orange, lemon, grapefruit, mint or eucalyptus. Or upgrade to the Spring Special, a full-body mango exfoliation and 45-minute aromatherapy massage.

In short you’re going to feel as if you’ve just received the best massage in Cabo San Lucas. And you have. Even better, you don’t have to worry about getting back to your resort, condo or villa, because you never left it in the first place!

Suzanne Morel
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