Wedding hairstyle trends come, go, and some stay forever, and one hairstyle that has been slaying all year long is the classic Hollywood waves! Probably by now, you have already seen sleek, sexy, glossy retro waves all over your feed, as this hairstyle is as popular as ever before, and it seems that it´s back to stay!

We just love how the glam waves never get old, and over the vast experience we have, we’ve done them on many lengths and hair types, and as the bridal hair experts, here are some variations you can consider, depending on your hair and what you are aiming for if you are thinking of rocking this classy and polished look on your wedding.

The side part is the classic way of wearing these waves. By pulling your hair to one side and adding an elegant hairpiece, you will clear your face of unwanted flyaways for pictures. Just add a beautiful brooch, comb, or statement headpiece, and voila! You got a jaw-dropper for sure!

If you are thinking of keeping it minimal with no additional accessories, this hairstyle is gorgeous enough to be worn on its own.

Now, if you want to avoid having any hair on your face, it is very on-trend having a middle part and pull back both sides of the front hair. This looks super modern and elegant.

Glam Waves

You can also add attractive hair accessories on the sides to add more drama.

For super plump luscious waves, we can add some pieces of clip-on natural hair extensions to give it a little more length and body. We have available extensions at our salon.

Hair thickness and length play a big part so keep in mind that this style is going to lose curl and volume at some point because of the wind, heat, and dancing. However, fear not!

Here is a real example of the stages of the waves throughout a wedding day. Just be open to losing curls at the end of the night but as you can see, wearing the style is 100 percent worth it!

This style is definitely one of our all-time favorites! We strongly recommend you book a trial run so our stylists can assess you on the best way of rocking glam waves, depending on your hair to ensure the styling will last. We will give you the best recommendation so you can rock this elegant style too! Contact us now for a free consultation!

Suzanne Morel
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