Aww, Yaay! The big day is almost here, and the countdown begins!!! You decided on a beach wedding in Cabo and It’s time to get ready and pack up for the journey of a lifetime! Being that this is not your typical vacation trip, you must be wondering, now what’s next? How do I prepare to glow and rock my bridal look, and what am I supposed to bring with me?

We have created this checklist with answers to four of the most frequently asked questions by our brides about preparing for the big day. You may want to check this out before hopping on that plane to say I do.


A: Bring Your Usual Shampoo and Conditioner

Even though resorts and villas provide you with hair-cleansing products, it’s not the best idea to try them out on such an important trip. Let’s make sure your hair is not shocked with drastic changes and stick to your usual tried and true shampoo and conditioner.

Bring your Lipstick and Lipliner

Even though we have a wide range of lip color shades and products to apply on the wedding day, we feel that is super important that you, as the bride and center of attention will need to reapply your lip color several times during the wedding. We recommend you pick your lip color in advance and bring it with you so we can apply it and you can keep it all night with you.

Your Skin Care Products

Your skin needs to be hydrated and glowy, there is no way your makeup will look perfect if your skin is not in good condition. Keep your daily skincare routine, as usual, every day of your wedding trip.


A: There are many important aspects to consider here:


Drink Lots of Water

Cabo is a hot destination, so you are probably not used to it. We must make sure you keep yourself hydrated so your skin doesn´t get a reaction to the weather difference.

Eat Healthily and Do Not Drink Too Much Alcohol 

At least for 2-3 days before the wedding. We know vacationing in Cabo invites you to have fun and have a few drinks but is best to avoid alcohol, at least before the wedding. Skin reflects everything we eat and drink, so it’s best to stick to fruit and good meals. Let´s leave the booze and chips for after the wedding. Plus, no one wants to wake up with a hangover on their wedding morning, right?

Avoid Sunbathing

You are in Cabo! We know lounging by the pool, or the beach is what everyone envisions and you are probably thinking of getting a suntan to pair with your stunning dress. However, we are going to stop you right there. The sun in Los Cabos is very strong, and you may end up with sunburn and red marks without you even noticing. Is best not to take any risks. Our recommendation is to stay away from the sun as much as you can before the wedding. If you want to take a splash in the pool, do not forget to use sunscreen on your face and body and constantly reapply it. Wear a hat to protect your face and don’t expose yourself to the sun for long periods. Not only do we want to avoid burned skin, but also dehydration. Getting sunburned before your wedding day would be catastrophic for your wedding pictures, remember these photos are forever!

Get Good Sleep 

Let’s avoid under-eye bags and swelling. This is very important to make your make-up look spectacular so, no late nights, please. If you are having a rehearsal dinner or welcome party, try to schedule it to finish early. You need to save energy for the wedding day, and so do your guests. That is your big party moment!

 Wash Your Hair the Night Before the Wedding

This is an essential tip to make sure your hair will work with any hairstyle and hold curl and volume better. Not too dirty, not too clean, just somewhere in the middle. It is also best not to apply conditioner. If you must, just apply a little amount on the ends.


A: Something we always recommend to our brides is booking a trial before the wedding. If you already have a trial appointment, these are our recommendations to prepare:



A: Pack a White Top for Your Trial Appointment 

Everything we wear reflects certain lighting on our skin and, on the trial run, we want to get the look as close as the actual wedding day. It is very different seeing your bridal makeup wearing an orange dress than it is on white clothes. Wearing a white top with the same neckline as your dress (strapless, v-line, spaghetti straps, etc.) will help visualize the look with the same amount of skin you will show with your dress on.

Bring Your Hair Extensions and Accessories

If you are planning on wearing extensions, bring them. You also want to make sure you bring your veil, headpiece, or any accessories you will be using, such as barrettes, earrings, or necklace to sample the entire look (these you will automatically pack with your gown, of course, can’t forget). This helps you see the final look with all the elements in it and make final decisions.

As we mentioned before, if there is any specific product from your daily routine that you love, please bring it to the appointment.

Show up with clean dry hair.

If you don’t have a trial appointment yet, we must say: girl, book it! Can you imagine trying on different hair and makeup styles, attempting to nail the look you want right on the day of the wedding when the clock is ticking?

Now that you know the essentials to prepare, get ready to rock your best look ever! If you have any doubts or further questions, do not hesitate to contact our team for a consultation. Happy Wedding Day!

Suzanne Morel
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