We are facing a very special month that will feature amazing moments, dresses, décor, special food, and many other things. We are sure that by now your Christmas tree is already in your living room and all your house is full of lights… But have you thought about what you’ll be wearing these holidays? We all know that no matter the circumstances we’ll celebrate because love never fades …and this is a month full of love and thankfulness.

Take 5 minutes to read this blog and find something special and different to waer while your visit to Cabo. You’d be surprised to see so many inspirational ideas in these images.

Celebrate in style!

Every woman has had situations when we think we have nothing to wear for an upcoming event, are we I right? Forget about it, we are sure you got something buying online this past quarantine.

We are bringing you the best ideas to create a whole look according to 2020 trends.

This is one of the most important factors of your whole look. It is what you show the most when taking a selfie and we all take a lot more selfies than full body pictures. So, bring your hair down and look perfect for the holidays, rock some waves with volume! We are so done with buns and five-minute looks. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring out the best of us!

The most interesting thing about hair waves is that they look great with everything you wear. If you don’t really want to worry about a very done hairstyle this is the best option for you.

Plus, celebrating in Cabo is so much about relaxed looks, I mean… you will be in a very relaxing place, you might as well match the vibe of it with a relaxed look.

Here are some examples that they look good with everything:

Now, talking about your makeup, it always depends on your personality. You can put as much production and color as you want. From a smokey eye to a natural shimmery look. You decide!

This year sparkles rule, don’t be afraid to try it out. Get out of the routine.


To complete your look doing your manicure and pedicure is imperative. This year has not been perfect, but your nails can be. Make your hands prettier with an exfoliation and a nice nail polish.

Normally people don’t really focus on pedicure this season because they barely show their feet… unless you celebrate the holidays at a beach destination like Cabo San Lucas.

Definitely you will not be wearing boots here, for sure you will be wearing sandals at some point and I bet you want to show nice toes. Don’t even bother doing it yourself, just relax, we can do it for you in the comfort of your villa.

Check these ideas out and choose the one you like the most:


This one is mostly the first step to define what shoes to wear, what accessories are the most appropriate and how you should do your hair and makeup.

This year we all want to shine (we are tired of pijamas). So, add some fabulousness to your outfit with some touches of sparkle.

An important complement to your outfit will always be the shoes. Most of the time they don’t even show in the pictures and some people think that these don’t really matter… We know people may not see what your feet are wearing, but who cares? Get rid of those flip flops for a night! We have worn them enough this year.

Look at the fantastic heels below, so trendy, and stylish.

Here’s a tip: Getting shoes that look basic is the best choice all the time! You can wear them with pretty much everything and you can adapt them to the season of the year with the appropriate outfit.

Don’t forget shoes MUST be comfortable, no one wants to look like bambi, right? In order to enjoy the night your feet need to enjoy your shoes!

Let our expertise help you with your holidays looks! Call 213 258 1921 for advice!

Suzanne Morel
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