This has been the year with the most changes we have experimented in the last decade.

Applying some makeup has been a big mood booster this year. Sometimes a little mascara or bold lipstick can make a huge difference. Of course, many of us did not wear makeup for a long time but let us tell you that makeup trends do not stop just because we stopped wearing makeup, it will never stop.

Obviously, the looks can be a little more relaxed this winter

Therefore, in this blog we bring to you some trends According to Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan’s 2020 trends.

Winter 2020 makeup is all about loads of brightness. We rounded up 3 makeup trends we can apply in Cabo:


You don’t always need sunny days to get your glow on. Peachy or bronzed make up is never out of style. Remember ‘’Classic never fades’’. Pair your liquid highlighter with a nice gloss for a natural dewy look.

Start coordinating the eyeshadows with your lip color. Add some natural contour to define your features and voila! You will not need anything else!

If you want to make this casual look more dramatic, just add some eyeliner and fake eyelashes.

Perfect style for a thanksgiving evening with family and friends.


Everything you need to create this look are a few basics: mascara, neutral eyeshadow, gold highlighter, warm blush, and a pink lips.  Not all winter trends require bold details. Feel free to customize it to you and your cabo vibe.

With a basic look you will make it through the colder days (not that in Cabo we have that much cold days anyways). Stick to neutrals.

This style will be perfect for a Christmas dinner with your loved ones in the intimacy of a villa.


90’s matte lipstick with slightly-darker lip liner is back. We remain on variations of basic neutral looks. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot of them in winter 2020.

Talking about lips, please make sure it is a long lasting one, you don’t want it to transfer onto your face mask.

‘’The ’90s resurgence isn’t going anywhere. JLo’s nude lip and liner and brown smoky eye are the perfect nod to the decade we all love.’’ -Harper’s Bazaar

Accentuating lips is not only beautiful and romantic, and it will obviously draw all the attention (in a good way) to your little square on Zoom for any kind of meetings.

What do you think of these 2020 Winter trends?

You still have time to book your appointment for this winter holidays in Cabo, give us a call at 213 258 1921 and you will look stunning and trendy on your pictures.

Suzanne Morel
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