If you follow our blog you must know a Hair and Makeup Trial is always one of our top recommendations, and in this post, we want to emphasize how to make the most out of this appointment.

It can be incredibly disappointing to leave your hair and makeup trial appointment feeling insecure about your bridal look, especially when these appointments often take place just a couple of days before the wedding. This is precisely what you want to avoid by booking a trial in the first place, as this type of uncertainty can add unnecessary pressure and stress to your Cabo wedding trip. The goal of a successful hair and makeup trial is to leave the appointment feeling confident you will rock your bridal glam, trusting that your stylist and makeup artist will be able to nail the look once more on the big day. So here are some tips to fully exploit the benefits of a trial appointment and make it successful:

Hair and Makeup Trial Appointment
Hair and Makeup Trial Appointment

Before the trial, it’s essential to choose the right stylist.

By the time you have your trial booked with us, you should have previously browsed for the wedding beauty pros in Cabo, looked through our portfolios on our website and social media, compared our overall aesthetics, and looked for online reviews. Therefore, you must trust the team you choose and feel completely free to communicate with us. You can send us mood boards, like our social media posts, and use some of the pictures you find about our work as examples of what you want and also, what you don’t want. The better your relationship is with your hair and makeup provider, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Is important to also communicate your style ideas and thoughts with your wedding planner, especially if she would be the one communicating with the stylist team and coming with you to the appointment. Some brides book us up to a year in advance, and we like touching base with our brides every few months, so you can use all that time before the wedding to email us your inspiration and any relevant info about you, your hair, and your skin type. We love to get to know our brides! By the time we meet them, it feels like meeting up with an old friend, and this eases the hair and makeup process, whether it is for the trial or the wedding day. The better your relationship is with your stylist, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

Hair and Makeup Trial Appointment

Both the trial and wedding day are all about you, so it’s essential to show up to your trial with a clear idea of what you want and some photos to back it up. As mentioned above, sharing pictures of what you don’t want also helps the stylist get a better sense of your style.

While you must have a clear idea of what you want by the time of the trial, come with an open mind, as maybe the hairstyle you are longing for doesn’t work with your hair length and changes may need to be done, like adding hair pieces, so is also good to bring a couple more options and be flexible, but of course, along the lines of the style and vision you’ve defined. Don’t be shy to share with your stylist all the ins and outs of your hair, including how well it holds the curl and whether it looks best up or down. Be real with your stylist, and the results will be stunning

Hair and Makeup Trial Appointment

Your bridal hair and makeup should perfectly complement your dress, and your accessories should perfectly complement everything else. All the components of your wedding look should work together cohesively, so everything should be on the table at your wedding makeup trial and hair trial for the stylist to create a look that works with everything else you are wearing. Bringing with you the veil and accessories will be ideal, and photos of the dress, shoes, and other overall details.

Our top tip for you is to always be honest when it comes to your makeup or hair trial. Your trial is definitely not the time to shy away from speaking up (politely, of course). We are here to help you, but we can’t read your mind. If there is something you don´t love about your style once finished, be sure to communicate that clearly. We are professionals and are not concerned about our feelings being hurt. We are all about you and making you a happy bride so feel completely free to be honest with us. If you like something, don’t be afraid to express your satisfaction. On the other hand, if you don’t like something, don’t hesitate to speak up. This is the purpose of the trial, after all. Your artist would prefer to receive constructive feedback rather than have you feel unhappy on your wedding day due to a look you’re not satisfied with. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and conveying your thoughts about every aspect of your look.

Hair and Makeup Trial Appointment

We hope these suggestions are useful. For more information on the importance of a bridal trial appointment and tips on how to prepare, we invite you to check out our blog post titled “Why You Should Have a Bridal Trial and How to Prepare for It”. With these tips in mind, you can rest assured that your hair and makeup trial appointment will be a resounding success, leaving you feeling confident and ready to shine on your big day.

Suzanne Morel
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