If you were wondering if a hair and makeup trial run is of high importance or something you can cut off your wedding budget, we are here to tell you that, in our book, a trial run is a must. Can you imagine trying on different hair and makeup styles, attempting to nail the look you want right on the day of the wedding when the clock is ticking? The least you need on your big day is additional stress, and you got to walk down that aisle knowing you look your best. The bridal trial removes any additional stress on the wedding day because you know exactly what the look will be. If you are still not convinced why a trial is so important, here are a few more reasons to go for it:

First of all, you have to find a stylist specializing in weddings. Even if the stylist you know and go to every month for hair color is very talented, working with a bride is very different. A wedding beauty styling specialist is a professional with hairdos and makeup suitable for weddings and knows the demands and the pace of working on a wedding day schedule. Therefore, probably you have not met your stylist yet, especially if you are having a destination wedding. Having a trial run is an excellent way to get comfortable with a stylist that you don’t know and try out their skill level. You may have a clear idea of the look you are aiming for but you have to be sure the stylist is capable of executing it. Trust us, you don’t want to find out on the day of the wedding if the beauty stylist knows how to work with your hair type if they are familiar with the hairstyle you want, if they have the right products, if they work slow, etc.

Same as you try on your dress, you got to try out your hair and makeup first. What if the look you want is executed to perfection but is simply not suitable for your type of hair or face shape, or if you need hair extensions to achieve the look, or if you just feel is not making sense and you don’t like it anymore? You would not know until you try it out. The trial run is the opportunity to tweak and adjust the look until you nail it. You got to be confident that everything is under control on the day of, including your final look, without having to make big decisions at the last minute.

By trying the look and wearing it for quite a few hours, you can get to test the products used on you, check how your skin reacts, how your hair holds the hairdo, and rule out any allergies or reactions you may have. Sensitivity to an ingredient in the makeup or lash glue is something you would not want to find out on your wedding day.

A trial run also allows you to talk with your hair and makeup provider one more time and go over the final services needed on the wedding day to organize an adequate schedule.

Now that you know why a trial is so important, we will let you know how you can prepare for your appointment:

Make sure you bring your inspiration pictures to the appointment. The beauty stylist will suggest the most suitable looks according to your hair type, volume, and amount based on your inspiration images. When you are looking for makeup pictures, make sure you not only bring inspiration but also have pictures of you with your everyday hair and makeup so the beauty stylist knows how much makeup you are comfortable using and how others are used to seeing you daily. On your wedding day, even if you get to be more glammed up than usual, you want to still look like yourself and not like a person you don’t even recognize. Showing these pictures of you will give the stylist a notion.

When looking for inspiration pictures, make sure you search for looks with people of your same ethnicity, similar hair color, texture, and length as you, and similar features. Also, consider that many of the pictures you see on Instagram have filters applied and it’s not real makeup, so keep an eye on that.

For your appointment, you want to make sure you bring your veil, headpiece, or accessories you will be using, such as barrettes, earrings, or necklace to sample the entire look. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing the bridal jewelry to the appointment, just bring something similar that resembles what you will use, for example, long pendants vs. small studs. This helps you see the final look with all the elements in it and make some decisions.

Same with your clothing; if possible, bring a top with the same neckline as your dress (strapless, v-line, spaghetti straps, etc.) as it will help visualize the look with the same amount of skin you will show with your dress on, it does make a difference. Also, wear a color that is similar to your gown. It is very different seeing your bridal makeup wearing an orange dress than it is on white clothes.

Bring clean and dry hair to the appointment., Washed the night before would be best unless your hair is super, super oily, then you would have to wash it and dry it on the morning of the trial; whatever is the case, make sure your hair is clean, dry, and detangled.

And last but not least, great skin is the best foundation a makeup artist can have. Try doing your homework as many weeks in advance as possible by drinking lots of water, limiting the booze intake, and taking extra good care of your skin with rich, emollient products, not only to prepare for the trial appointment but also for the wedding. It is amazing what a difference extra pamper makes on the skin’s appearance and texture. Make sure you bring a clean, bare face to the appointment with no trace of makeup. The makeup artist will apply proper skincare before starting the makeup. If you feel you are super sensitive to certain skincare or makeup products, you can bring your special products but just don’t apply them yet. Is best for your makeup artists to see them before and decide what can be used before applying any makeup product.

As you see, a trial run is most important, and it’s worth the investment. At Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care, we think every bride should feel super confident knowing they look their best on their wedding day, and we encourage our brides to always go for a trial at our salon to nail the final look. Let us help enhance your beauty for your wedding in Cabo and contact us for more information about our bridal beauty services.

Suzanne Morel
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