Nowadays, we are living sort of a revolutionary moment in beauty. Now more than ever, brands are acknowledging and recognizing inclusivity as a priority to ultimately cater to everyone, releasing a variety of new products and makeup in wider shade ranges suited for a broader clientele, and we think this is the most exciting thing that has happened in decades in the industry. Now, even most standards at beauty schools are being updated to learn to work with more hair textures, skin tones, and types.

Beauty doesn’t necessarily have to be a niche industry. While we know there are specialists for about anything, we think a good beauty salon with professional stylists and MUA should be able to work with any client, regardless of skin tone, hair type, gender, or ethnicity.

One of the things that we feel sets Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care apart from others is we understand every client is different, with unique features and needs: young or mature skin, darker, lighter, different undertones, freckles, or different textures. We have always professionally catered to diverse and multicultural clientele, no matter age, ethnicity, or culture, and now, with the contemporary wider variety of products available focused on inclusivity, we are delighted!

We understand which products go best with distinct features. A nude lipstick, for example, can be different for an African American or a Caucasian, depending on skin tone and undertones. Empathy, diversity, flexibility, and an understanding of cultural variances are a priority in our stylists and makeup artists continuous training, which we think is utterly important in a multicultural world. We can proudly say our beauty team is professionally qualified to work with any features with equal confidence, care, and skill level, regardless of ethnic group or culture.


We love and celebrate beauty in every presentation and value the trust that clients put in us to help them create the look of their dreams!

Suzanne Morel
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