The summer season is here! And we all know warm, summer nights make an outdoor wedding fantastic! While Cabo is best known for its wonderful warm weather and cool ocean breeze, things can seriously heat up in summer. This is why considering the weather conditions when choosing the hairstyle you will rock on the best day ever is food for thought.

If you are about to decide on the updo that will complete the best look on your wedding day, we have round up some of our beautiful, summer practical hairstyles that will gracefully keep your hair out of your face.

If you are concerned about being hot and sweaty with hair sticking to your neck or face throughout the night, we think updos are arguably the best choice. Styles like a tousled ponytail, classic chignon, braided buns are always a safe bet.

Chignons and Buns

One of the reasons why these similar styles are wedding classics is their versatility. They can be high, low, clean, or messy and will keep your neck cool on a hot night.

Ponytails and Braids

The ultimate, no-fuss hairstyles! Not only do they keep your hair in place, but they can also be glam, ultra-chic, and stylish, or boho and carefree. They keep your hair in place while you still flaunt a beautiful hair cascade.

Summer Wedding Hairstyles

If you’ve always envisioned yourself with long, flowing waves on your wedding day, go for it! Low-key, beach waves are perfect for a summer look. They can be worked a little tighter than usual with a thin wand so, by the time humidity sets in they relax and drop perfectly.

Half Up, Half Down

The perfect combination between flaunting some waves and keeping your front hair pieces out of the way.

Hair Down

The super relaxed curl is the way to go on summer. You can still rock and all hollywood style with a side up with a hair piece in a more beachy version, or do a sleek middle part hairstyle with barely there waves.

A wavy down do is also easy to change to an updo afterward. If you feel like refreshing your look for the reception, have your stylist pin it up after the ceremony. That should be easy to do, as the hair is already prepped with some volume and wave.

Besides the weather conditions, there are also other elements to consider when choosing your wedding hairstyles, such as your hair length and hair texture and, of course, your attire and headpieces. The professional team at Suzanne Morel will assess you to choose the right, summer hairstyle that will perfect your bridal look and comfortably hold in place and keep you cool all night long. Contact us now for a free consultation and let´s find together the perfect summer hairstyle.

Suzanne Morel
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