Cabo San Lucas is a top destination in Mexico, here you will find a lot of treasures well known as our landscapes, our food, our music, and our #relaxing spa services using techniques inherited by our ancestors.

Continuing with our previous blog we want to get you deeper into #spapoolparties. Decor, appetizers, music, and drinks are part of any great pool party. But you might be wondering… what about the spa services you can get?

Spa Pool Parties are created for people looking to #havefun or to celebrate something #special in a unique way (bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or just a fun trip with your friends)

Picture #yourself drinking a martini with a robe while you are having manicure/pedicure, sounds great, doesn’t it?

If you do not really need a #manicure/pedicure you can get a polish change and #matchcolors with your friends!

If you are all about #skincare, how about a body #exfoliation to have smooth skin? Our exfoliants are hand-made secret recipes using #naturalingredients like rosemary, basil, mint, cucumber, oatmeal, and more. That will nourish your skin and will make it look radiant and fresh.

Keep in mind that for your makeup to look absolutely #flawless a facial is a must; it will prepare your skin. We have the greatest treatments for you. Could be a full #facial or just a moisturizing treatment, our #experts will advise you depending on your skin type.

You and your friends can also get hydrating #masks while all of you talk about how great your trip to Cabo is.

If you require more work on your skin, we recommend visiting your esthetician months before.

Last but not least, #massages. Sometimes daily life can be a little stressful, so massages are the perfect way to release all that tension out of your body. It does not need to be an hour massage, you can spend only 20 minutes on a special chair having your neck, scalp and shoulders massaged and feel completely released. Also, no one would say no to a foot massage; we all love it.

Being that you are on vacation it is the #perfect opportunity to make it happen.

All these services are for you to choose, you #customize your spa pool party, decide what services you all need, and we will put together a proposal for you.

Now that you know how to get a little closer to heaven, what are you waiting to try it out?

Suzanne Morel
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