Bridal Hairstyles Guide

Find the best hairstyle for your big day!

We all know that preparing ourselves for a special event is a full process. Each one of us have our own way of getting ready depending on the occasion. Let’s say this time the occasion is your own wedding; how would you imagine your hair? How would you imagine your bridesmaid’s hair? Your mom’s? You know you have plenty of options to choose; from a simple but classy and messy down-do, a classic chignon or something curly perhaps…

These days it is more common to see relaxed and comfortable hairstyles, especially in Cabo, a beach destination. Years ago, we used to do tighter looks.

Hairstyles are the perfect complement to your wedding dress.

Something important to consider when selecting your wedding hairstyle is COMFORT. Messy buns, beachy waves, Hollywood waves, braids, curls, and ponytails, are always a good idea: with a very feminine and chic touch. Have some inspirations to fall in love with the perfect style for you:

Bridal Hairstyles Guide

High buns or a twist are the perfect hairstyles when your dress is high neck or halter. It will make your neck look longer. Small earrings are the perfect touch to complement these hairstyles.

Bridal Hairstyles Guide

A timeless-classic chignon is never out of style, if you choose this hairstyle you will not have to worry about your curls falling. Very elegant style!  Make it a little looser with some front pieces falling for a more relaxed bridal style.

Low chignons always look good with any type of neckline, but if your dress if one-shoulder asymmetric, you can do a beautiful side bun to balance the look.

Keep in consideration that buns will be the most comfortable style for your beach wedding and very appropriate for the entire wedding party.

Contemporary styles have always been beautiful. Braids go perfectly with scoop dresses or V neck dresses. This hairstyle is for boho brides.

resses with spaghetti straps look amazing with ponytails. Low, middle, high ponytail… you decide. A very feminine delicate bridal look.

Soft and romantic style goes perfect with an illusion neckline or low back dress. These hairstyles could be done on the side or on the middle. We recommend hair extensions to keep fullness. The perfect fairytale look to get married in Cabo!

When your dress is V neck or off-the-shoulder neckline this is a great option. You can complement it with hair extensions for fullness or length. Very beachy and comfortable style.

Waves are the relaxed version of curls, there are many variations… from beachy waves to Hollywood waves, it will all depend on how elegant your wedding gown is. Waves are definitely about personality! if you are into glamour, Hollywood waves are for you. But if you find yourself simpler, then beachy waves are for you! Feel free to choose waves if your dress is sweetheart or straight across neckline.

Sometimes curls are a better option than waves being that they are tighter, therefore curls last longer. If you have fine hair, we will recommend curls for your beach wedding. Complement this hairstyle with a sweetheart or an off-the-shoulder neckline dress.

This one is a modern and sophisticated style. These bridal hairstyles are for brides that want to keep it low key. Simple but beautiful. It will be a good combination with a bateau neckline.

Now that you have read our guide it will be easier to choose the perfect hairstyle for you!

In past years, we used to do lots of volume and texture. This year we are moving on to soft hairstyles, nothing super done or tight. You will be grateful for this natural trend while you are in the middle of the dancefloor having fun in your wedding, trust us. A touch of effortless chic will match the Bohemian Cabo Style.

Although there are trends coming and going, classic never fades. When you look back at your pictures 20 years from now, we want you to love them and live the moment again through your memory.

Our advice: Keep it a little bit on the classic bridal style mixing it with some details of different trends, you may find a lot of combinations and among them the best one for you. Think about your dress, the wind in Cabo, the heat, the thickness of the hairstyle you want and with these details you will be able to pick the perfect style for you.

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Suzanne Morel
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