Why do so many people love Los Cabos? There’s the year-round sunshine, of course, and the beautiful beaches, the big-game sportfishing, the championship level golf, and the delicious fresh local seafood…to name but a few of the reasons over three million people now visit the Land’s End region on an annual basis. But that’s only scratching the surface. The Los Cabos municipality–better known as “Cabo” for short–is also increasingly drawing raves for its other attractions, including its luxuriantly indulgent and oh-so pampering spas. Indeed, what might be termed the destination Cabo spa experience has now become a major focus for many people planning vacation getaways.

Not coincidentally, we at Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care know a thing or two about the best available Cabo spa treatments and therapies, as well as how to integrate them into an itinerary with some of the area’s other heralded activities and entertainments.

We’re not bragging, mind you. It’s what we do. So without further ado, here are three of our current favorite “only in Cabo” SPA-CATION ideas.

Destination Cabo Wedding Relaxations & The Bridesmaids Pool Party

Winter vacations and spa-focused holidays aren’t the only reasons people flock to Los Cabos. Cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo also happen to be two of the world’s most popular sites for destination weddings and events.

But it’s not as if couples fly in, get hitched, and then immediately fly back out again. Los Cabos is a popular wedding site because of the abundant activities options before and after the big event. For the bride and groom, that means both honeymoon and “earlymoon” romance, starting with mobile spa experiences that come directly to where you’re staying. What better way to dissolve wedding stresses, after all, than side-by-side

couples’ massages, his and her mani-pedis, or full-body treatments that incorporate Mexican wellness rituals and ancient Mayan healing techniques?

Brides and grooms definitely deserve at least one pampering Cabo spa day, but so too do their respective wedding parties. One of our most perennially popular mobile spa experiences is a poolside bash for bridesmaids, complete with massage tables and other therapeutic tools, plus any other extras that enhance the party mood. Ocean views from the infinity pool are a given.

The most important amenity, however, is privacy. That’s the true magic of the mobile spa. There’s no need to share a locker room or facilities with other resort guests, or worry about being “proper” in public. The spa experience comes to wherever you are, be it suite, condo, luxury villa or penthouse.

Want to have a spa day with bridesmaids on your favorite secluded beach? No worries. Your destination Cabo spa experience is on the way.

The Ultimate Cabo Health & Wellness Vacation Package

A few decades ago, Cabo San Lucas was as famed for its boisterous nightlife as for its gorgeous gold sand beaches. Rock star Sammy Hagar had a lot to do with the city’s party hearty reputation, founding the iconic Cabo Wabo Cantina with his then Van Halen bandmates, as well as developing his own tequila brand to help fuel raucous late night vacation benders.

Travelers today, however, tend to be much more health conscious than those in years past. That means healthier food, as well more active pursuits than sipping umbrella garnished cocktails in a lounge chair on the beach.

Like jogging or mountain biking? Los Cabos has some amazing trails and hill climbs. Surfing? Not only does Baja California Sur boast fantastic waves, but you can ride them on a year-round basis. Snorkeling and diving? The region offers an abundance of spectacular sites, from an artificial reef created by a shipwreck at Land’s End to the living coral reef at Cabo Pulmo, home the highest concentration of fish in the Sea of Cortés. Sailing? Fishing? Zip-lining? Off-road racing? Los Cabos offers world-class conditions for all of the above, with breathtaking scenery to match.

This is a place, in other words, where you can live life to the fullest; but also recover in style with a restorative “Cabo spa” experience. At Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care, we offer a wide variety of massages and wellness treatments, any of which can be custom tailored for performance and preferred activities. For example, there are Sport massages that blend deep pressure with stretching movements, Stretching Bliss massages that reduce inflammation, reenergizing Santé massages that improve circulation flow, decadent Four Hands rubdowns in which two masseuses work on you simultaneously, and Cucumber Cooling Sun Treatments that help re-moisturize your skin after long fun-filled days under the Baja sun.

As with all of our spa experiences, this one is mobile, meaning you don’t have to arrange transportation, or get dressed again after your post-workout shower. At SMFBC, we come to you.

Cabo Adventures Interspersed with Therapeutic Cabo Spa Interludes

Few places on Earth offer as many one-of-a-kind, bucket list style experiences as Los Cabos. But as with healthy lifestyle pursuits, you don’t want to overdo it on the adventure front without some restful and restorative interludes mixed in. That’s where spas in Cabo come in; or more accurately, where the mobile spa experience offered by SMFBC comes in. We’ll help relieve the aches and pains that often accompany a life of excitement and adrenaline-racing outdoor excursions.

Have a crick in your neck after watching a 40-ton humpback whale lift its entire body out of the water for an epic splashdown? Some gentle Swedish massage will make that tension disappear. Feel like you’ve aged 10 years after a bungee jumping expedition? Try our firming facial with an anti-aging eye moisturizing treatment. Are your hands sore from battling marlin, sailfish and tuna on an all-day fishing charter? May we recommend a soothing Champagne manicure treatment?

Just remember: You don’t have to add a signature Cabo spa experience to your Land’s End vacation getaway. But we guarantee you’ll feel a lot better if you do.

Why Cabo Spa Trips Are a Hot Travel Trend
Suzanne Morel
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