Blog Suzanne morel
Blog Suzanne morel

Natural beauty is what defines this year. No more dark and defined brows, dramatic contour, matte skin and lips. 2020 is all about natural radiant skin.

Glosses and shimmers are trendy now. Of course there are some variations, and as a BRIDE you can find the look you want and adjust it to yourself, deciding what makes you feel comfortable and pretty.

You need to make sure you completely love every single detail of you bridal look because that is what you are going to see on the pictures for the rest of your life.

Blog Suzanne morel
Blog Suzanne morel
Blog Suzanne morel

Feel free to use our gallery or Instagram to find inspiration. You can add as much color as you want, as much highlight or blush as you want.

Keep reading below, we have some fun ideas for you and your bridesmaids. If you are going to a dinner or to a club, you are going to love it!

Blog Suzanne morel

2020 seems to be a year of revolution full of color.

Colorful make-up has been on the market for a long time. But what makes 2020’s make-up trends so special? It is now the sophisticated and cleanest version of the colorful look.

From a huge focus on the eyes to a softly illuminated complexion.

Combining the creativity on the eye-makeup adding glitter, neon colors, floating eyeliner, lashes, etc.

Make-up is full art, there is no doubt.

We are sure you have seen these trends on runways already, your feed must be full of this makeup style, it is an eye-catching style, isn’t it?

Blog Suzanne morel

This is the year of the white eyeliner, blue eyeshadow, fluffy brows and radiant skin, something brand new… WAIT, didn’t we do it 50 years ago? The answer is YES! If you don’t believe us, just look at these photos:

Of course, there have been many innovations through the years. But it is funny how trends always come back, right? 50 years ago, who would have thought that we would be doing this today?

Today’s white and colors are used a little bit differently but then very similar.

Definitely, trends are a cycle, and we love it, don’t you?

These ideas are great for a bachelorette party:

If you don’t wear this kind of make-up, your trip to Cabo is the perfect excuse, you have to try it!

Cabo is all about freedom, relaxation and having fun at the same time.

A destination where you can rock your colorful eyeliner, and blue shadows to match the Pacific Sea.

Get confident, get trendy, get colorful.

Cabo waits for you!

Suzanne Morel
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