Multicultural Spotlight – Hair and Makeup for a Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos

Every destination wedding is in one sense about the destination itself. Why else travel to a gorgeous far-flung locale, where the sun is always shining and the beaches are always beautiful? But in another sense all weddings are also about tradition, and that never changes, regardless of the destination. All weddings, for instance, unite not just two people, but two families. As to the other traditions? Well those vary from country to country and from culture to culture, and the way they vary can have a significant impact on the preparations for wedding related events…be it a ceremony and reception or a ganesh pooja and sangeet. Because it’s not just the participants and guests that honor traditions, but also the destination based companies that provide support services. With that in mind, we’re shining our multicultural spotlight this month on hair and makeup for a destination Hindu wedding in Los Cabos.

Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos
Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos

Honoring Cultural Traditions at a Destination Hindu Wedding

India is a very large country, with a population of well over a billion people. So there are many religions and regional traditions represented. But we’ve chosen to focus specifically on a destination Hindu wedding, not only because Hinduism is practiced by more than 900 million followers around the world, but also because this is by far the most common form of Indian wedding we see in Los Cabos.

There are a wide variety of events associated with Hindu weddings, but what is most fascinating to us as hair and makeup stylists is the beautiful bridal look, which embodies a long history of culture and tradition. There is the mehndi ceremony, of course, in which henna is used to draw intricate designs on the bride’s hands and feet. There’s the red wedding dress (or lehenga), symbolizing prosperity and fertility; and the solah shringar, or 16 embellishments with which a bride traditionally adorns herself. These include jewelry, naturally, from necklaces and earrings to ankle bells and arm bangles.

And let us not forget the mangala sutra, the necklace of gold and black beads placed on the bride by the groom; or the application of sindoor, a red-orange powder placed on the part in the bride’s hair, symbolizing that she is now a married woman.

Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos
Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos
Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos
Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos

Bridal Hair and Makeup at a Destination Hindu Wedding

Why do we at Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care make a point of listing these various traditions? It’s not simply to inform readers who are interested in the wedding customs of different cultures. I mean, we get it. Who doesn’t love a great wedding?

But we also know it’s important to show brides thinking about a “destination Hindu wedding” that we understand and respect their culture and religious traditions. If we didn’t, after all, how could we possibly be of service to them?

And just as we pointed out earlier that traditions can vary from region to region, it should also be noted that not every bride wants to observe all of them. That’s why we work with brides (and, if requested, any additional members of the wedding party) to ensure their look is custom tailored to their vision of the perfect destination wedding.

For example, most brides choose to wear the maang tikka, a gorgeous piece of jewelry that rests at the hairline (on the sixth chakra, symbolizing the third eye in Hinduism), and often has strings that wrap around the sides, and in some cases, directly over the top of the head. There is a traditional hairstyle that accompanies the wearing of the maang tikka so that it can be affixed (or woven into the hair), but in fact there are many ways to do this, and we work with brides to ensure that their hairstyle not only pleases them, but also works aesthetically with the entire ensemble.

Similarly, with makeup, our team of beauty stylists works directly with brides to achieve the perfect look, whether it is strictly traditional or a more modern or personalized look that complements their specific dress and jewelry.

Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos
Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos

Mobile Spa and Beauty Services for a Destination Hindu Wedding

Traditions are important, but remember that destination weddings are also about the destination itself. This can be reflected in the case of Los Cabos in rustic beachfront sites for ceremonies, or in luxury villa based receptions that showcase spectacular hillside views of Land’s End and breathtaking Sea of Cortez or Pacific Ocean vistas.

There are other great ways to integrate the beauty of Los Cabos, however.

Did you know, for instance, that in addition to hair and makeup expertise, Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care also operates the premier mobile spa service in Los Cabos?

What does that mean in relation to a Hindu destination wedding? Spa parties for the bridal party, of course, preferably on a beach or by an infinity pool with ocean views as far as the eye can see. Not only is it a fun way to relax before the big day, and a sure-fire way to ease any pre-wedding anxiety, spa parties are a great way to revel in the natural beauty of one of the most spectacular places on Earth.

There is also a practical side to a spa party, which is getting mani-pedis done before the wedding ceremony and reception. Facials and massages can also help to ensure a bride is exactly where she needs to be, in both mind and body, headed into the biggest day of her life.

That’s something that’s important for every bride, regardless of where she comes from or what her religion is.

Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos
Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos
Destination Hindu Wedding in Los Cabos

About Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care

Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care is home to the finest collection of stylists in Los Cabos, from Suzanne Morel herself–raised in a family of beauty salon owners, and founder of her own cosmetics line–to her talented and personally trained staff of beauty artists.

At SMFBC, we help Indian brides look their best for their destination Hindu wedding with professional hair and makeup, as well as onsite care and service to ensure you photograph beautifully throughout the entirety of the wedding ceremony and reception. Call us today at (213) 258-1921 (in the U.S. or Canada) or (624) 105-1670 (in México) to make an appointment or schedule a consultation.

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