When planning your next getaway, you always look for wonderful places to visit, but it’s important to take time to yourself and relax too. We all welcome the relaxation time that a beach vacation can promise, but it’s important to allow your body to unwind and disconnect from the distractions or routine of modern-day life.

As a frequent traveler and Los Cabos lover, you might know the endless adventures that you can find on this piece of paradise, and of course, you can turn it into your wellness retreat. Most of the resorts offer the traditional spa experience, but have you ever had the opportunity to experience having the spa at your villa with everything it involves? Like music, massage tables, décor, aromatherapy, and customized attention?

Our ultimate spa experience without leaving home lets you have the spa day you need inside the comfort of your villa, with the idyllic scenery that will help relax your mind and body. For most people staying in the privacy of their villa is an important element. We offer from facials, manicure and pedicure, massages, and body scrub.

  • We arrive at your private villa. You will meet our team of professionals that will happily take care of you. A concierge will be accompanying our therapists. We take special care of all the required safety protocols and we make sure to explain to you all the different spa treatments of the day.
Ultimate Spa Experience Without Leaving your Villa
  • Meet your therapist. For us, it is important to meet your therapist and make a special bond, we will ask some standard questions, like allergies, injuries, a specific part of your body for a special focus and this will help us create the perfect customized treatment.
  • We help you choose the perfect area at the villa, according to your privacy and comfort, focusing on the important details, like space, room temperature, loud noises, wind, and sunlight to fully unwind and enjoy every minute of your spa experience.
  • At Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care, we love to add a special touch by providing robes, choosing the proper decor, beautiful flowers, candles, your favorite fragrance for aromatherapy oils, and of course, relaxing music for a full sensorial experience at your villa. We plan how to impress our clients by creating the perfect environment to ensure all the extra comfort
  • Last but not least, all areas used for your spa experience at the villa are clean and prepared before and after every treatment.

Have you decided when to take your special getaway in Los Cabos? Make sure to plan and treat yourself to a special spa day. We will be more than happy to make recommendations and suggestions for your treatments. It is time to start planning the perfect wellness spa.

Call for advise at our USA/CAN line 954 278 6880 or our MEX line 624 105 1670.

Suzanne Morel
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