Finding the wedding attire of your dreams is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding, but it can be a bit overwhelming with so many beautiful options and styles. One of the accessories that make you feel like a bride instantly, from the very moment you wear it is the veil. While is not necessary to wear, as you can rock your wedding dress without one, it is a timeless accessory that adds more impact and that classic, romantic touch to your bridal look that never goes out of style. If you are thinking of wearing a veil and don’t have a clear idea of the style you want to pair with your dress, here we will show you different veil types so you know in advance what you can find before hitting the bridal shop.

This type of veil origin is in old-world Catholicism. Traditionally worn by women to attend mass, particularly Spanish women but also Italian.

The wedding veil version is made of a round piece of tulle fabric with lace or bold embroidery over the edges. While it can have any type of embellishment on the edges, scalloped lace is the most classic and iconic feature of the mantilla.

Sewn over a “peineta” or a comb, it’s typically worn just a few inches away from the front of the head, so it drapes over the head, framing the face. The ideal hairstyle for this veil is to wear the hair down, with long and soft waves, so it sits on top of the head and falls smoothly over the shoulders, featuring sophisticated embellishment.

If you are opting for using a Mantilla less traditionally, you can also attach to a low bun or a half-up, half-down hairdo to fall more on your back rather than framing the face.

This veil can be any length: elbow, fingertip, chapel, or cathedral, which is the most popular.

A versatile type of veil that features several layers, with the top tier being the blusher that can be worn to cover the bride´s face during the ceremony or just worn all in the back for a cascade effect. The longer tier is often detachable so you can wear the shorter layer during the reception. This layered veil can be worn with several up do´s, as it can be placed on the crown of the head with the hair down or up to the front of the head to use the blusher. At the back of the head under a bun or over half up half down if you are wearing it only falling on your back

Considered a short-length veil, is a more contemporary and less formal look. It is light and comfortable to wear (even all night long), as it finishes around the elbows and waist, to outline the upper body silhouette. It works with almost any dress and hairstyle, and it’s perfect for adding a headpiece without feeling “too much” or too “fuzzy”.

Between casual and formal, this length of veil finishes right at the bride’s fingertips when resting arms. It is a popular option as you can find a wide variety of styles in this length for any taste. It is versatile and eclectic. You can pull either a traditional formal or more modern look with this length.

Easy to wear, it is a more “low maintenance” length that more likely will look perfect at all times, since you are not dragging it on the floor as you move around. It flatters any type of dress and body shape and It works with any hairdo and headpiece. A timeless piece in the bridal looks. Whether you are going for a laid-back, beachy style, traditional or glam, you will surely find a veil in this length that will perfectly suit your style.

Finishing somewhere between knee and midcalf, this veil adds just enough drama without getting on your way or being too overwhelming. It’s perfect for the brides that want the long veil look without worrying about manipulating throughout the day and evening. You can tuck it over or under your hairstyle.

We are entering the full-length veil territory. A veil that matches the length of the bridal gown, it moves freely as you move and adds just the perfect amount of volume to your look, and you don’t have to worry about tripping on it. This veil is perfect for slim gowns without a train. Wear it over your hair down or half up half down with super relaxed waves for an effortless, romantic boho look. For a more traditional flare, it looks perfect over a low chignon.

We have entered the grand territory, the wow effect. This veil extends just a few inches beyond the bridal gown, creating a beautiful trail.

Sweet bridal dreams are made of this. The fairytale wedding veil. The only difference between Cathedral and Chapel is that Cathedral is a few inches longer. The Cathedral veil extends beyond the train of the gown.

Both Chapel and Cathedral veils have become, perhaps the most popular length among modern brides that want a piece of a classic accessory. Whether your style is modern, traditional, or beachy bohemian, Chapel and Cathedral veils create a dramatic and royal entrance, trailing beautifully as you walk down the aisle.

These long lengths will also give your photographer great shots, as you can play around with their long fabric and create beautiful shapes when blown by the breeze.

wedding veils

Now that you have seen the veils, which one would you choose?

At Suzanne Morel, we have the most experienced and talented hairstylists, specialized in brides, that will style your hair for any type of veil and will even help you pick a hairstyle, when in doubt. Let us put the veil on you and contact us now for a free consultation.

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