For the Unconventional Bride

Who says wedding attire needs to be all traditional?

After all, this day is all about you and your significant other, so rewriting the rules to embrace your signature style is fully allowed.

If you are looking for out-of-the-ordinary wedding attire, check this gallery with some of our favorite unconventional looks from our modern brides.

For the laid-back bride. This jaw-dropping vintage-inspired dress style features a visually seductive bold lace design. An exquisitely romantic look, perfect for a dreamy outdoor setting.

Complement it with soft, beachy waves, a flower headpiece, or dare to ditch the veil and rock a hat for a wild bohemian look.

For the Unconventional Bride

With an elegant and simple silhouette, this clean and sleek style with spaghetti straps is one of the most versatile. Effortless and sophisticated, it gives you the chance to play with your look with bold accessories, or a colorful bouquet. Keep the clean lines with a classic chignon or add volume to your look with a floor-length veil.

For the Unconventional Bride

This stye also makes a sophisticated bridesmaid dress.

For the Unconventional Bride

Sometimes, less is more. If you are not into elaborated, embellished bridal dresses you can still steal the spotlight with a clean, simple, and elegant look. Choose a nice fabric structured dress and let your natural beauty shine, fuzz-free in a modern yet timeless wedding look.

If you love various styles, you can combine the best of them in one look that screams your name.

This alluring style is proof classy and elegant can also be sexy and edgy. A “Boudoir-inspired” bridal gown with a sheer corset is a stunning look for the modern bride, with a vintage inspiration.

Flat sandals are great for beach weddings in the outdoors. If you want to be comfortable and look forward to doing a lot of dancing on your wedding day, without any doubt, wearing a nice pair of sandals for your wedding is allowed and you will still look as chic as in high heels!

Have you found your bridal style? Our experts at Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care can help you with tips and ideas to finding your style and of course, recommend the perfect hair and makeup look to compliment your bridal look. Contact us for a free consultation!

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