When you, bride, book your hair and make-up with us for your big day, we always recomend to come to our salon in Cabo to get a hair and make-up trial run before your wedding. Indeed, it would give us the time to talk with and understand exactly what look you are looking for! Also a trial helps us to determine the time necessary on your wedding day to do the services and if you need any additional hair accesories.

It is a great way to take some of the unecesary stress away on the wedding day!

Below are the words of a bride commenting about her trial at Suzanne Morel salon:


I want to thank you so very much for everything. It was an amazing experience and put any worries to rest. I am completely excited about puttting all the hair and makeup in your hands 🙂 Thank you again for working with me on times and rescheduling it meant alot to me and I will be happy to spread the word about your professionalism and talent! Gabby F.”

For further information regarding our trial please visit our wedding section:


Suzanne Morel
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