Wedding trend alert: Pearls are back!

Pearlcore is the name given to the rising trend of incorporating pearly or iridescent accents into style and decor that was super popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

With a traditional-meets-modern twist, this trend of yesterday is sure having a renaissance this year, with everything from hair accessories and jewelry to shoes and embroideries, pearls are popping up everywhere, and we can see it reflected on the bridal looks this season.

Pearls are nothing new in bridal style; this gemstone has always been a bridal staple. In ancient cultures, they represent purity, the same as the white wedding dress. Some believe a pearl is a representation of a tear and by wearing them at your wedding, you won’t shed any tears in your marriage, ensuring a lifetime of joy with your future spouse. However, in modern times pearls were less frequently used in bridal fashion as brides were leaning towards more modern, less elaborated bridal looks. But now, it seems that after spending a couple of years full of restrictions and event cancelations, brides just really want to have fun and wear something spectacular regardless of how big or small their wedding ends up being and pearls are the perfect element to easily elevate any bridal style with its elegant, neutral iridescent glow and lux appearance.

Feeling like jumping in the Pearlcore trend for your wedding? We’ve round up our favorite ways to incorporate this trend into your bridal look:

Hair Pins are so much fun! They can be super versatile. You can use them scattered over your hair or group them creating a pretty design that resembles a headpiece or a barrette. You can also place just a few around your hairdo to give a minimalist pearl touch.

This super sweet and feminine detail is perfect to complete any bridal look, especially if you are planning on removing your veil after the ceremony or if you are not planning on wearing one. Barrettes are the perfect partner for loose, beach waves or an old Hollywood glam look.

Pearl headbands are making a major statement. With their bold look, they instantly give you an effortless chic look.

While tiara-like headpieces have always been a go-to in bridal looks, now we are trading the classic crystals in headpieces for the pearls’ neutral, iridescent glow to give them a new twist. These can be paired with a veil too!

When it comes to bridal jewelry, pearls are the ultimate, accessory. Whether you want just a sprinkle of pearl with that delicate ring or make a statement with bold earrings, pearls are very easy to incorporate into your bridal aesthetic. They are a timeless piece.

If a pearl wedding dress Isn’t quite your thing, pearl embellishments on the delicate tulle create the perfect refined and sophisticated touch to finish your bridal look. You can find a pearl veil at any length you prefer.

We find this Elegant, romantic, and edgy at the same time. We are obsessed!

A tulle pearl bow is an exquisite, super feminine veil alternative.

Do you have pearls on your mind yet? Our team at Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care can help you determine your perfect pearly bridal look for your wedding in Cabo. Contact us now for a consultation.

Suzanne Morel
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