Wedding Weekend in Cabo San Lucas

If you are familiar with our blogs, you know we already talked about what to do on the wedding day and what the getting ready is about.

You also may know we are a bridal salon and a mobile spa.

But have you wonder what to do on the wedding weekend? Or what to do the days before the wedding?

Once you put a foot on Cabo’s Land you will want to do everything! Go to the beach, have dinner at a nice restaurant, walk at the marina, visit the arch, party downtown and many more things.

Let us tell you something, you should do relax!

What you do the days prior are fundamental on the wedding result. You need to sleep well, eat well and again, relax!

Start celebrating since you arrive to Cabo, and by celebration we do not mean the craziest party, but a party where you will be able to relax.

If you are not exactly sure of what we are talking about, keep reading.


What is the best way to release the tension out of your body after packing and flying? A massage, but even better, a massage by the pool with an amazing view. Let us welcome you with a spa day on your private villa. Massages are great to help your body feel like new, you’ll feel more energy and you’ll have a better humor. Definitely your family will not expect such surprise.

Choose your massage depending on what your body needs, our specialists will help you find the best option.

Of course, you will want to have smooth and radiant skin for the wedding, so get yourself a hydrating facial and a body scrub! We prepare our scrubs out of natural resources, you will love to have all the benefits in your skin.

You may be asking yourself “How could this be a party if it’s just a spa day?” Well, let’s not forget about balloons! Our spa pool parties always include a photo backdrop of balloons for you to take pictures with your bridal group and save those memories, here are some ideas:

spa pool party

And to make your pictures even more fun, get some inflatables for the pool!

All of you must have cute nails for the weeding. Manicure and pedicure are imperative when it comes to any kind of celebration, so make you toes pretty while drinking a nice piña colada!

Because we know you don’t want to worry about anything, we also provide the service of a celebration specialist who will be in charge of the logistic. All you will have to do is have fun and enjoy.

Music creates the vibe, so let’s get a DJ! He will play the music of your preference for 3 hours. And wait… this experience can get even better: Let’s include a photographer to portrait the whole experience.

Make it a little interesting by adding food and drinks! Choose the food tray you like the most and enjoy 3 hours of open bar.


There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to bridal hair and makeup, first of all: this is the most important day of your life.

Second: you deserve nothing but just to look perfect and stunning. It will make you feel way more confident on your wedding day because you will know for a fact that on your wedding day your hair & Make Up will be exactly what you were picturing it to be; you will not feel nervous about this at all anymore.

Having a trial has nothing to do with our staff not knowing what they are doing,  all our staff is very professional, well trained and have years of experience attending only brides and bridal parties, all our hair dressers and makeup artist are able to reproduce a hair or make up style exactly as the picture shows, the thing is that what a picture shows may look fantastic on the model or actress  that is wearing the hair-do or the make-up, the question is and will be: will that hair and make-up style look great on me?

This is the main reason why a Hair & Make Up trial needs to be done, sometimes we have an idea of certain styles that we love but there are many factors to consider before making a final decision for the wedding look.

We can do the style you want for you wedding and then re-do it so you leave the salon with a completely different style and nobody will suspect how the bride will look the next day!

How does this plan sound to you? You arrive and install yourself on Wednesday, spa pool party on Thursday, rehearsal dinner on Friday, Wedding on Saturday, brunch on Sunday and the list of plans can keep going…

Treat your bridesmaids and family and prepare this surprise for them, in the privacy of your villa.

For more information call us at 213 258 1921.

Suzanne Morel
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