Organizing a wedding is all about decisions and the greatest decision you have done (besides saying “yes” to the ring and to the dress) is to get married in Cabo.  A Mexican paradise, that has it all: relaxation, beaches, fun, amazing views, delicious food, everything to make your experience unforgettable.

Part of those important decisions is the bridal look, finding the perfect dress, choosing the best wedding shoes, getting the most beautiful earrings… and of course, deciding what hairstyle and makeup to wear. If you need help with these, keep reading, this blog is for you!

We love working with multicultural brides. We also understand that seeing is believing, so let us show you our experience with dark skins. You will find pictures of our work that will help you relieve any doubts as to our abilities. This month’s blog is dedicated to African American bridal looks in Los Cabos.

It is very important to keep in mind that makeup has been created to highlight your features and conceal some imperfections, not to create a whole different face. The overall goal is to look like the best version of yourself.

Consultations and hair and makeup trials are imperative, brides not only feel more confident with their chosen look after this, but they also feel confident in our ability to achieve that look.

At a beach destination, less is always more. Natural skin focusing on eye-makeup will definitely rock at your beach Cabo wedding.

Skin tone is obviously important, that is why we have multiple choices of foundations to mix to perfectly match your skin. Finding the right shade for your skin tone is the key to pulling off any look flawlessly

If you consider yourself a low-key bride, an effortless “I woke up like this” look is a dream. Natural makeup provides a timeless touch you’ll appreciate many years to come. Since the “no makeup” look is so simple, you can incorporate fake eyelashes with very natural eye shadows; lashes are the perfect alternative to your usual natural or nude eye palette. We achieve this look by applying concealer and contour with just one or two shades different than your actual skin color just to create dimension. Of course, blush, bronzer and highlight are part of it. Gloss is top this year, matte lips are in the past now. A nice gloss with color will make your look even better!

On the other hand, old makeup rules tell us to focus only on a feature, it could be either eyes or lips. But on your wedding day, you are the boss and YOU make the rules! If you consider yourself as a glamorous bride this is for you:

Many brides have been leaving aside old traditions and picked a glam look on their day. Popping glossy lips and shimmery eyes with long show-stealing fake eyelashes.

Shades of neutral colors or ombre have been a staple when it comes to lips. This year, a little bit of color has been incorporated, meaning shades of brown pinks like Taupe by MAC (we love how this particular lipstick can accommodate to any bride and look stunning).

This season rose gold has been dressing the eyes of blushing brides everywhere. It is soft and feminine and looks gorgeous against white, ivory and champagne dresses.

Of course, we can create the eye look as dramatic as you like. In addition to this, there is the eyeliner, let’s not forget about this. It defines the eyes in a way nothing else can and complemented with the lashes it will look amazing.

Something we really keep in consideration is the lighting, the more illuminated the getting-ready room is, the better. Having the best illumination matters. This is how we can anticipate the way you will look at the ceremony and when photographed. We want to make you look flawless the entire wedding celebration.

We can imagine how excited you must be and how much you desire to look awesome on your big day. Choosing your bridal hairstyle is as important as choosing your bridal gown. Besides, these two should be in harmony with each other and with the style of your wedding. Every bride has her own preferences, individual hair texture, volume, and length. Fortunately, there are so many afro wedding hairstyles, that would look stunning at a beach destination wedding. Cabo is a place where you can do either simple or super glamorous hairstyles, it is up to what you like.

Something very important to consider choosing a hairstyle to get married at the beach is the weather and the season of the year. If your wedding is between October and April almost any kind of hairstyle will work. But if you wedding is between May and September the heat and humidity will not be your best ally for obvious reasons.

Many brides stick to their natural hair and many others decide to wear wigs, weaves, extensions, ect. Therefore, our best recommendation will always be to go for the option that will make you feel better and that will allow you to enjoy the entire celebration.

Having said that, here are the best hairstyles to get married at the beach in Cabo:

African American

Make it a little eye-catching adding an accessory to your hair, such as a tiara, a flower detail, a hair clip, or anything you prefer. The bridal look is all about saying who you are without having to speak, make it yours, how would you imagine yourself that day?

It is a question full of illusions, excitement, happiness and most important: love.

From clean updos to lose waves or Hollywood hair, you decide, and we will execute it!

Making sure your nail color complements your skin tone is a reality that all women must be aware of.

There are so many hues that the selection process itself can be a little overwhelming. A safe blush pink can look drastically different for every woman based on the undertones in her skin. So how can you go about finding a nail polish you love? Grabbing for colors that speak to you is a good place to start.

Warmer undertones should opt for bright reds, fierce oranges, and richer nudes that complement their skin. Cooler undertones should reach for rosy pinks. Of course, white nail polish will look great on any skin tone. That is the classic timeless bridal nails look.

To guide your search, here are the best 3 color options for a beach wedding:

Designs, length, nails shape will depend on your personality. You decide if you want squared, round, long or short nails. Here is all about comfiness and only you will know exactly what will make you feel your best on such an important day. Think about the pictures holding your bouquet, the pictures showing your ring, the bridal party pictures holding a cup of champagne while getting ready… if you really think about it nails are a very important detail.

It is a pleasure for our team to offer advice on any of these elements that we as women really care about!

Look  amazing on any special date in Cabo, with professional hair and makeup to ensure you photograph beautifully throughout the entirety of your event and call us today at (213) 258-1921 (in the U.S. or Canada) or (624) 105-1670 (in México) to make an appointment or schedule a consultation.

Suzanne Morel
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