There are some occasions in life where splurging in professional makeup is totally worth it. When you think about professional hair and makeup, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is at your wedding, but there are other occasions, such as your birthday, anniversary, bachelorette, graduation, your one special day. The day that it’s all about you! This day you deserve to treat yourself to feel extra special, so why not hire a pro on your birthday so you look your best to celebrate? If you are not a girl that wears makeup every day, dare to go beyond your basic look and enhance your natural beauty. Or, even if you are a makeup lover, a professional makeup artist will certainly deliver a better result than you could yourself, thanks to their experience and skills. Treat yourself and let the expert team do it for you on your special day!

Probably you plan to take a bunch of photos, even if you don’t have a professional photographer, we know you’ll want to look your best!

Here are some makeup looks for your inspiration that are perfect to celebrate your special day!

Beaded Cat Eye                           Cut Crease Wing

Bold Lips and Shades of Red

Smoky Shimmer and Soap Brows

The makeup artists at Suzanne Morel are always learning new techniques to keep up to date with the newest styles and can go from a natural look to the most advanced makeup.

Makeup for Your Special Ocassion in Cabo

They, along with our coordinators that accompany them, can help you choose the best colors that suit your skin tone and highlight the features you want to draw attention to while concealing and minimizing any little flaw. If not feeling sure of your look they can also make suggestions for your hair and makeup according to your outfit. If you are celebrating your birthday in Cabo, contact us to get you glammed and rock your best look with your squad. Cheers to your celebration!

Suzanne Morel
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