New Year, New Looks – 3 New Trends for Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas in 2020

Fashions shift, styles fall out of favor, new ones emerge to take their place. These changes are as inevitable as the pages turning on a calendar, and if you don’t believe us look at the wedding photos of your mother or grandmother. No doubt they looked beautiful on their wedding days, just as you will for your own. But unless you’re a staunch traditionalist and want to wear a legacy ring or bridal gown, chances are your own wedding look will be decidedly different.

In fact, even if you do wear your mother’s dress or ring, it’s unthinkable that you would try to match her hairstyle or makeup. No one loves tradition that much! The fashions of yesteryear are just too different, too evocative of their unique time and place. The art of fashion lies is in finding a look that perfectly captures your time and your place, as well as your own personal sense of style.

So if your time just happens to be rapidly approaching, and your place has a lot of sunshine and palm trees–say, a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas in 2020–here are three hot new wedding hair and makeup trends to keep in mind and potentially make your own.

Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas
Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas
Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas

Gorgeous is the Head that Wears the Crown

Braids are in for 2020 in a general sense, and crown braids in particular are expected to a popular choice for weddings and other formal events. This look has actually been popular in Los Cabos for destination weddings for several years, because updos such as the crown braid–in addition to their regal and elegant look–are also cool and comfortable to wear in warm weather settings. They also “hold” well, so that not only does your hair photograph beautifully, it maintains a consistent shape throughout the ceremony and reception. This is a very important consideration given that there are no do-overs in wedding photography. Photoshop isn’t going to fix bad wedding hair!

Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas

Updos look sensational with a wide array of wedding dress styles, so if you’re not a fan of the crown there’s always the classic chignon bun. Other braids tend to fall into the half-up, half-down category. French and Dutch Braids, fishtails and waterfalls all fit this bill, and indeed the crown can also be braided in half-up, half-down fashion.

The optimal choice for you will naturally depend upon a number of factors. That’s why consultations for wedding hair and makeup in Cabo San Lucas are important, and why hiring professionals familiar with local weather and lighting conditions is an absolute must.

Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas
Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas

Wear Flowers in Your Hair…

If you really want to keep your look 2020, we’ve got one suggestion. Add flowers!

Florals accents have been big on the runways of late, and as Brides reported recently: “Models this season were seen rocking an entire bouquet’s worth of flowers in their tresses and it’s hard not to be charmed by this garden-fresh trend.”

Flowers aren’t the only hair accessory that’s hot, however, so if you want your hair and makeup in Cabo San Lucas to be au courant this year, you’ll need to spice up the locks with another fashionable accent. Hair clips, tiaras, velvet ribbons and brooches are all excellent choices, but bejeweled headbands look to be the big winners in 2020, especially those sporting everyone’s wedding favorite, pearls.

Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas
Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas

…Carry Magic in Your Eyes

Blush and gloss are two more buzzwords for “hair and makeup in Cabo San Lucas” in the coming season.

Wedding Hair and Makeup in Cabo San Lucas

Rosy hues are in again (did they ever really go away?), and not just in terms of blush for the angelic rosy cheeked look. Soft and subtle shades of rose-colored eye shadow are also being used to add hints of color, but in an understated and elegant way that fits perfectly within the destination wedding aesthetic.

Gloss, meanwhile, has migrated well beyond the boundaries of lips. Skin gloss is increasingly finding favor as a way to add a little extra shine. Disco-style glitter and glam (emphasis on the sparkly silver glitter) are also getting plenty of play on runways right now, but this makeup trend–while perfect for Cabo’s lively nightlife scene–is probably a bit too bold for the wedding chapel!

The trend towards white eye liner also has possibilities given white’s primacy as a wedding color, but a little experimentation is a must to see how it contrasts with your skin tone.  

It may be right for you, but then again it may not. In order to ensure all the elements of your wedding look are put together–hair, makeup, dress, shoes, accessories–you’ll definitely want to consult with a professional stylist. In Cabo San Luas, that means Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care.

About Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care

Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care is home to the finest collection of stylists in Los Cabos, from Suzanne Morel herself–raised in a family of beauty salon owners, and founder of her own cosmetics line–to her talented and personally trained staff of beauty artists.

At SMFBC, we help brides look their best on the biggest day of their lives, with professional hair and makeup in Cabo San Lucas, as well as onsite care and service to ensure you photograph beautifully throughout the entirety of the wedding ceremony and reception. Call us today at (619) 819-9180 (in the U.S. or Canada) or (624) 105-1670 (in México) to make an appointment or schedule a consultation.

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