Couples Treatments for Two – Spa Romance for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas

Couples Treatments for Two – Spa Romance for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos is one of the world’s most popular destinations for romantic getaway vacations, and not just for the obvious reasons like year-round sunshine, gorgeous beaches, gently swaying palm trees and breathtaking ocean vistas. Those things certainly contribute to the region’s well-earned romantic reputation, of course, but it’s also important to note that in addition to their natural charms, Los Cabos based communities like Cabo San Lucas boast an abundance of luxuriously pampering amenities that were created specifically with visiting couples in mind.

Headlining this “pampering amenities” category is a spectacular array of romance-friendly couples’ spa treatments, soothing and stimulating ministrations that range from side-by-side massages and his and hers mani-pedis to Champagne aided jacuzzi therapies and traditional Mexican wellness rituals.


And as you might imagine, there’s no better time than a certain holiday in February to take advantage of these intimate and unforgettable spa experiences.

With that in mind, here’s everything couples need to know about heating up some spa romance for this Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas.


Relax & Reconnect

Although some see Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas as the perfect time and place to pop that all important question, for most couples it is simply an opportune time to escape frigid winter temperatures and relax and reconnect with their significant other.

Let’s be honest: In relationships where both partners work–and especially when parenting is also involved–the time to focus on each other, to rekindle romance and reestablish intimacy, is often in very short supply. That’s why romantic getaways are so important. They allow you to relax, reset and rediscover the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

Of course, you can’t really have intimacy without a certain degree of privacy. It’s hard to fully relax into romance mode when you’re surrounded by strangers at a resort pool or day spa. That’s why the best romantic spa experience is always the one offered by a mobile spa. The mobile spa comes to you, at your resort suite or rental property, and allows you to set the tone when it comes to things like music and mood-enhancing elements.


Couples Treatments for Two – Spa Romance for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas

The Magic of the Mobile Spa

Never underestimate the importance of ambiance for a romantic spa day.

Scented candles are nice, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas  there’s another level entirely.


Couples Treatments for Two – Spa Romance for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas


Imagine being on the terrace of a cliffside luxury villa, with an infinity pool and jaw-dropping views of endless azure waters. Sound like a good start? Now expand the image to include two massage tables set up side-by-side next to the pool. The sun is shining and a gentle breeze is blowing in from the Pacific. You and your true love are in robes on a canopied daybed, sipping glasses of Champagne in anticipation of your couples’ treatment. Somewhere nearby, a stereo is playing Spanish guitar.

Doesn’t that sound better than the typical day spa experience? You’re not even on the massage tables yet and already you’re in a heightened state of relaxation.

That’s the magic of the mobile spa.

Three Great Spa Treatments for Your Cabo San Lucas Valentine’s Day Vacation

Each “Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas”, Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care offers a romantic collection of spa treatments specifically designed with couples in mind.

Here are three of the highlights for 2020:

The Getaway Spa Package for Two

Named for the romantic getaway vacation, this soothing romantic spa package is also a getaway from all things stressful. You and your significant other each get to choose from a menu of available beauty services and spa treatments that includes cleansing facials, fruit spa mani-pedis, 70 minutes of massage with aromatherapy oil, and a full body fruit scrub. Select two, three or all of the above, and experience the pampering pleasures together. 

Couples Treatments for Two – Spa Romance for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas


75 Minutes of Pure Romance

Any spa treatment for two that starts in the jacuzzi is a winner in our book. That’s why our 75 minutes of Pure Romance package begins with you and that special someone relaxing in heated waters as a pair of skilled masseuses gently minister to your scalp, hair and face. From there it’s on to side-by-side massage tables, where you each receive deep therapeutic pressure point massages to alleviate any underlying stress or tension. Two servings of organic mint green tea complete this sensory bliss experience.

Couples Treatments for Two – Spa Romance for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas


The Mexican Ritual – Mayan Healing Body Treatment for Two

Traditional Mexican therapies and local organic farming both contribute to this memorable ritual for two, in which ancient wisdom meets modern wellness. The 75-minute stress melt begins with a fresh herb, papaya and mango exfoliation, followed by yoga stretching and a full hour medley of traditional massage techniques, before finishing with two tasty cups of our signature antioxidant tea.

Doesn’t that sound like a nice way to spend Valentine’s Day?

Couples Treatments for Two – Spa Romance for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas


About Suzanne Morel Face & Body Care

SMFBC is the premier mobile spa service in Cabo San Lucas: meaning we bring our talented staff and extensive menu of soothing, romantic treatments to you…wherever you are or wherever you’d like to be, from a shaded cabana on a secluded golden sand beach to a cliffside luxury villa set high above crashing Pacific Ocean waves.

Dreaming of a Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas with your true love that neither of you will ever forget? Call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (213) 258-1921 to make a reservation, or in México at (624) 105-1670

Suzanne Morel
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